Facebook rolls out new notification screen to notify users before sharing old news

To curb the spread of old news and fake news, Facebook has announced that it’s rolling out a notification screen that notifies people once they share news articles that are quite 90 days old. With the context button, the new notification screen is supposed to tell users to make informed decisions about what to share … Read more

How to crop video on iPhone

If you are editing on a desktop, it is easy to find advanced video editing software. You can find free apps to edit videos or you can buy premiums that provide a more intuitive editing experience and powerful features. Videos are often edited on the desktop, but they are recorded on phones or cameras. The … Read more

Facebook Launches Forecast, an App that let You Predict the Future

Facebook has launched a replacement app for iOS called Forecast which lets users pose questions regarding the longer term and vote on the questions of others. “Forecast is a community for crowdsourced predictions built to harness the facility of collective insights starting by furthering our knowledge of COVID-19 and its impact on the planet,” said … Read more

Top Played Mobile Games in 2020

It’s a no brainer to anyone that the mobile game market is booming. Over the last few years, we’ve seen mobile games break records and make billions of dollars in revenue. More and more players are using mobile devices to play games. It’s convenient, simple, and fun. With such a bountiful choice of great games … Read more

Twitter Launches Audio Tweets

Twitter has announced a replacement feature, an audio tweet… meaning you’ll now record your tweet in audio then tweet rather than typing. Beginning from today, iOS users should begin receiving the new feature. The feature will allow users to record audio clips of up to 140 seconds and fasten these sound clips to their tweets. … Read more

How to use the Web Inspector on Safari for iOS

Websites are not always accessed from desktop systems. Mobile devices also have browsers and they are used to access websites, if not more often, than on desktops. In rare cases, popular websites will have a mobile app but most websites do not have one. Therefore the website needs to work to some extent on both … Read more