How to view saved WiFi passwords android

The Android operating system has improved significantly over the last ten years. The UI alone is cleaner and much more intuitive to use. It is also more stable, and in many ways, ahead of the features. Android still has a fragmentation issue and the Play Store is still home to shady apps. Play Protect and … Read more

How to fix iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

The iPhone camera is not just good; This is one of the major selling points of the device that Apple brings from year to year. With each new model released, the camera on an iPhone is capable of capturing more detail, has better zoom, and its wide-angle lens captures more pixels. Its night-mode alone is … Read more

Marketstack REVIEW – Stock Data Real-Time, Intraday & Historical Market Data API

Anyone looking for a scalable, cost-effective alternative to Yahoo Finance will find much to love Marketstack’s REST API. Compiling its dataset from high-authority data providers worldwide, MarketStack empowers you to parse 125,000+ stock tickers on 72 exchanges worldwide for truly global market insights. If we have caught your attention, read on. Below, we review MarketStack’s … Read more

How to create a Facebook Messenger Room

Facebook Messenger is not used for work. This is the messaging tool we use for casual conversation. With online meeting tools now gaining more users, this is another niche for which the Messenger app can be used. Q Facebook Messenger Room. Facebook messenger room Facebook messenger rooms are basically online meeting rooms; You can create … Read more

How to Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS (Solved)

Websites feature all types of forms and input fields that the user fills. Some of these fields can be as common as sign-in sheets, while others may ask for information such as a billing address, credit card number, feedback on a product, etc. The information is eventually submitted and means that it must be sent … Read more

Netflix is offering its users Free Subscription for 83yrs if you win this Game

Are we all gamers? Netflix has something sweet for you to handle; Netflix wants to offer you free 83years of subscription to its service You heard that right! Netflix is offering its users an opportunity to get a life-long or “immortal” subscription to its streaming service. the streaming giant says one lucky person can win … Read more

How to fix a stuck download on an iPhone

Whatever app is installed on the iPhone comes from the App Store. There are some exceptions, some apps can be delivered from TestFlight or Microsoft AppCenter but these are normally apps that are in private beta and have to be tested. Only a small group of users have access to them. Fix a stuck download … Read more