How to change Chrome profile name

Chrome has support for several profiles. What differentiates one profile from another is the Google account that is (or is not) linked to a profile. Users can create and sync a new Chrome image with their Google account, or they can team up to add an account and keep everything local. What a user cannot … Read more

How to configure a proxy on Windows 10

A proxy is often considered the equivalent of a VPN. This is not true; a proxy is very different from a VPN. A VPN can provide proxy service on top of the private network it creates but the two are not identical. Agent services Authentication services are usually used in conjunction with VPN services but … Read more

How to switch UEFI BIOS to Legacy BIOS on a PC

All computers come with a basic file system loaded on memory. This file system can take control of some hardware components at a basic level, and allows you to make system changes such as setting a password before seeing the OS boot screen. is inserted. For a long time, this file system was called BIOS. … Read more

How to connect to a WiFi network on Windows 10

WiFi technology is very universal; there is a network that you can connect to your phone just as easily to connect from a network printer, smart frids and a computer. The different method will be based on the type of device but the process is rarely complicated. If you are using Windows 10, connecting to … Read more

How to check CPU throttling on Windows 10

The Windows 10 system has different ways to keep the system cool. If a system heats up, shut down, or take protective measures to reduce the temperature. The CPU is one part that is prone to overheating and can be damaged by high temperatures. On Windows 10, if the CPU overheats, or the temperature in … Read more