How to change file permissions on Windows 10

Files created by users on a Windows 10 system are usually directly accessible. You will find, however, that other users cannot access many files and folders created by Windows 10, and the files and folders that reside in a user’s folder / libraries. System files and folders are locked for all but the admin user … Read more

How to collapse/expand tab groups in Chrome

Tabbed browsing has changed the way users browse the internet. With tabs, users can move between different pages that are open without having to move between windows. Tablet browsing has been great but many users open one too many tabs, and they are often opened across multiple windows. Tab management in today’s browsers is often … Read more

How to Cancel YouTube TV

If you need to turn off your YouTube TV, this article is for you! More and more people are realizing the benefits of YouTube and getting a wealth of content without having to try out for an expensive cable membership. However, it is always good to know what to do if you ever have to … Read more