How to disable ‘Complete your timeline’ alerts from Google Maps

Google Maps gets active access to location data when you use the app on your phone. This is no secret and of course the app can not function unless it has this information. The app also still uses your location when it is no longer running or in the background. This allows you to always show your updated location and help you navigate if you use it for directions. The only annoying part is that even if you have never accessed the app, it still knows when you visited a place. This will send you alerts to add these locations to your history and ‘Complete your timeline’.

Google Maps detects that you have visited a place when traveling from one place to another, making a long stop, and then leaving the place. It’s simple enough to find out and since it has exact location data, it can also tell you very accurately where you went. On the side of the app, it’s proactive, but if you do not want to receive these alerts, you must turn off location history to do so. Here’s how.

Disable location history

You can turn off the location history of any web browser, but you can do it better if you do it from your desktop. Visit the Lhistory settings of your Google Account at this link. Log in to your Google Account and then disable Location History.

You will see a quick question if you really want to turn off the location history and what you can lose if you disable it. You will basically stop seeing location-based recommendations, depending on how often you received them and how helpful they were to you, a compromise you should make.

This setting is applied to all your devices and all applications that use the same Google Account.

Google does not share this location history with anyone. It tells you so much in the confirmation prompt you get when you turn off the location history, but it still has a lot of information, in fact every piece of location information for you. You do not even have to log in to the app to know that you have been there. It’s not going to disappear if you turn off the location history, but Google can not record it.

If you find the recommendations helpful, or if you have your own reasons for keeping the location history, you will need to endure the warnings and ask them to add places you have visited to your timeline. You may want to consider deleting Google Account data from time to time.

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