Arab Brands and the Challenge of Digitization

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In the age of digitization, Arab companies and brands have several ways to differentiate themselves from many of their competitors, stand out, or even just to identify themselves as a particularly innovative and up-to-date company. There is no doubt that these methods also apply to the products and services offered by the company, which must more and more respond to very precise customer needs, taking including those of a purely technological nature, with functionality that is easy to understand, simple, and, if possible, as smooth and as fast as possible. To stand out among the number of competitors, even the best Arab companies must also take advantage of everything related to the web, with the network, and especially with the above -new virtual platforms called social media, which for several years now has been accepted. place of traditional media.

The role of social media

On social media, the mistake to avoid is to use the same language and grammar for the different channels: many brands, even today, continue to publish the same posts on various social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, thus providing for sure. an unpleasant idea for outside observers familiar with online communication. To differentiate itself, the brand must design an individual editorial plan for each social channel, providing for the use of different languages ​​(for the copy of the posts) and specific content capable of change according to the specific characteristics of the positions. that social platform. Wanting to enrich their online content even more, thus distinguishing themselves from the competition, Arab brands can also decide to dedicate part of their publications to people, staff training, a everyone who animates the company, thus taking a decisive step towards the future. of online communication.

By moving from communication that is largely focused on product to content that focuses on people, their stories and their unique way of telling about themselves and the brand, the company becomes a much more -feeling, much more human and closer to the basic needs of people. , who are increasingly likely to have real communication with their fellow human beings, even when surfing the Internet and social networks.

Other sectors of the company must be able to take advantage of the opportunities that digitization offers: customer service is undoubtedly one of these, which is also based on the relationships established between two people, and on the ability of one of these (brand representative). to solve one or more practical problems that bother the user, or even just their curiosity.

In the historical context in which we find ourselves, decisive efforts must be made to provide an increasingly personal and human support, able to surprise any customer with an intimate presentation, even while we stay within virtual dimensions. From this point of view, support made with the help of video tools, in real time, would undoubtedly contribute to humanizing the company and bringing it emotionally closer to people. A remote salesperson showing the products offered in the store, or a customer service employee setting up a video call to support the customer with a specific request: the possibilities are endless.

Dear friends

Online tools, from this point of view, can be great friends for companies to get closer to their public, to establish more direct and intimate relationships, based above all on how human communication is natural. By interacting in real time with another person, the public immediately experiences a satisfying feeling of relaxation, putting them in the right conditions to fully appreciate the value of the brand and its products. Of course it is no coincidence that many companies have already taken this route.

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Technology can never thwart the magic of human communication. In some cases, digitization may succeed in enhancing the noblest qualities of human beings, putting them at the service of others and their needs.