Are survival bases and survivor homes the same thing in Minecraft

When you start playing Minecraft, or starting a new world in Minecraft, one of the first things you do is build a toilet. It is not going to be huge and the materials used to make it are some of the most common eg Cobblestone. This is called a start – up house or center where players stay to build something better.

Are survival centers and living homes the same in Minecraft?

Minecraft homes and establishments are usually the same thing. The basis of a survivor or surviving home is what players call the homes / centers they build in the game, in survival mode, to play it. The first home you create ie, a starter house can be used as the basis of survival or home but you usually come to an extension from what it was originally.

Survival centers and living homes vs. starter homes

There is no rule as to what a home / survival center looks like but in general, they differ from a starter home in the following ways;

  • A starter home is usually built close to the player ‘s spawning grounds but homes / survival centers are built near areas of strategic advantage eg near a lava store, water source, small village or game structure other, near or below a neat cave generation that allows a cave to be neat a safe home to build, etc.
  • A starter home will have one or two rooms, and perhaps some farmland for growing food but more complex farms are usually set up to grow more food. They also have more rooms with rooms dedicated to different things eg, craft room, storage room, smelting room, magic room, and more.
  • Aesthetically, a start-up home is rarely overlooked. Consumers will use wooden tiles and planks to make it look better but wood burns and is not the best block to use for a home. Stronger surviving exterior homes often build blocks or explosion-proof measures that are incorporated into the design to prevent creeps from entering.
  • Very few players create the clean portal near their starting home. They are almost always created near, and sometimes within the survival base.

The above differences are not applied by the game. Players can use a starting home as a survival base if they so choose. The above differences arise because the needs of a player change as the more they play. In a short time they realize that there are better places to build a foundation and understand how they want to use the space as well as the safeguards they need to put in place to keep it safe.

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