Automated Sports Betting: Pros and Cons

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The days of bookmakers manually calculating betting odds are long behind us. They let advanced computer programs do the work for them. After all, the software is not prone to errors or bias. Instead, it consistently pumps out sharp signals with great precision. This only makes it harder for sports bettors to find any significant edges.

However, a large section of the global sports betting community is beginning to fight fire with fire. Instead of spending time researching and looking through a list of the best bets like those listed at to find value and favorable conditions, they have taken a page out of the oddsmakers playbook by using their own computer programs. These programs, called betting bots, are game changers.

What are betting bots?

A betting bot is a computer program that follows a script. It is given a specific set of parameters and instructions, and then automatically performs the task. In other words, it will find the bets you are looking for and then make the bet for you. In fact, they perform differently depending on the specific algorithm and what features they are programmed to analyze. And make no mistake, these bots can dive as deep into the analysis as you want them to.

Are Betting Bots Legal?

Betting bots are perfectly legal, but your bookie won’t be too happy if they catch you using one. It’s like counting cards in blackjack. Debit cards are also legal, but you are more likely to be thrown out of the casino if you are suspected of doing it. You will find that the terms of use of many online bookmakers prohibit the use of betting bots.

The benefits of using betting bots

There are a few advantages to using betting bots quickly. For example, you can program a bot to break the odds from various online sports betting sites. This allows you to always get the best price which is a huge advantage. This is especially true for arbitrage traders who can find the best settlement opportunities in the blink of an eye. Bettors hate this because arbitrage betting costs the bookmaking industry about $14 million a year. They only want to lose more money because these betting bots are increasing.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using bets is that they do not require any human interaction once they are programmed for use. This means that your bot can always find the most profitable betting situations and place bets while you are sleeping, working, or just enjoying life. Unlike you, they can run 24/7. You can even have the betting bot give you a profit/loss statement whenever you want.

Betting bots don’t have feelings. They don’t go ahead and they don’t gamble with their hearts. Instead, they stick to what parameters you have set and they only bet when a bet meets all the criteria. They can also make you money on a sport you are completely unfamiliar with. Some bots have 50+ sports in their repertoires.

Disadvantages of using betting bots

The most important disadvantage of using betting bots is that many bookmakers specifically prohibit them. Many of those unlikely to be considered will be banned as their use increases. You have to remember that the bookies also have access to advanced technology that can identify bots. While you might get away with it for a while, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually get caught. This will almost certainly result in suspension and may even result in your account balance being seized.

Another disadvantage is that betting bots can be quite expensive. Then again, the price of even the most expensive bot would be easily offset if you were to get the maximum potential. Paying $250 per month for a betting bot is a drop in the bucket if it makes a professional bettor a few thousand dollars. However, it might be too much for a recreational bettor with a small bankroll.

Then there is the fact that betting bots are not perfect. Using one does not guarantee that you will win every bet. They may make you more profitable, but they are still gambling. One could argue that they are taking some of the fun out of the sports betting experience. Many gamblers feel satisfied and proud when they make their own choice and win. Don’t forget that sports betting is supposed to be a form of entertainment.


The bottom line is that betting bots can be very useful for some bettors. If you are a professional or an arbitrage arbitrageur, a bot can be a valuable tool. They save you time, they are extremely efficient, and most importantly, they can make your sports betting more profitable.