Brandon Figueroa vs Stephen Fulton: Preview and prediction

Brandon Figueroa and Stephen Fulton are finally ready for their big showdown on Saturday night on Showtime. The two undefeated fighters will battle it out in a unification bout for the super bantamweight titles.

The fight is one of the biggest of the year for a weight class that tends to be overlooked. Heading into the fight, Fulton is seen as a huge favorite over Figueroa.

But is that entirely fair? Let’s take a look at what to expect on Saturday night.

The Outcome

If Brandon Figueroa can impose his will and fight his fight, he can absolutely pull off the surprise. However, the odds exist for a reason and it is not likely.

Most likely, Stephen Fulton will control the distance and minimize internal fights. He is going to rack up rounds and walk away with another title at the end of the night.