Can you buy event skins in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends holds regular events throughout the year. They often have themes but they all bring out new things. Items are not usually solved when a player completes challenges in an event. The event, and the challenges usually over time means that you have some time to complete them and solve the items in an event.

event skin in Apex Legends

Event skin in Apex myths

Apex Legends is free to play but that does not mean the game as an in-game store or currency. On the other hand, Apex Legends has both in-game money called ‘Apex Coins’ and these coins cannot be earned through any in-game activity ie completing events or gaining achievement. They must be purchased with real money.

Buy event skin in Apex Legends

Event skin in Apex Legends can be purchased with cash. They may not be available immediately after your event ends but they will eventually hit the market and you can buy them.

Prices for skin tend to vary depending on the skin type but usually cost 1800 Apex Coins. Some may cost more, while others may cost less.

Apex Legends has three different types of in-game currencies. Apex Coins can only be purchased using real money however you can earn Legend Tokens and Crafting Metals. These currencies can also be used to buy skin however the skin will cost a lot more when you use these currencies.

Apex coin band

Apex Coins are purchased with real money and come in the following packages.

  • 1,000 Apex coins: $ 10
  • 2,000 Apex coins: $ 20
  • Hold 4,000 Apex: $ 40
  • 6,000 Apex coins: $ 60
  • 10,000 Apex Coins: $ 100

As you can see, the coins are not cheap at all. In the case of USD, the largest bags are valued at one penny at a penny (1 cent) and the smallest is valued at a measure (10 cents). The skins start at 1800 Apex Coins so it will not be cheap to buy, let alone buy several. It’s best to try to earn them within the game by completing challenges.


Skins may eventually be softened to make them cheaper but this is unlikely to happen with a new skin or skin that is very popular. For some players, it’s not worth finishing the challenges of the time to find one skin that they like and will eventually buy it. For others, earning skin is half the fun. if you buy a skin and use it in the game, other players will not be able to tell you how you got it. That said, your profile stats may give you what events and challenges you completed (or not completed) and take away.

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