How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

While Android phones are very popular and used by many, there are still things that baffle novices and seasoned Android owners alike. And no, we’re not talking about getting basic privileges over your Android device or repackaging operating systems to remove bloatware. One of the most important issues you will find on selected places on … Read more

How to send Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp

Whatsapp is quite a full-featured messaging app. It offers end-to-end encryption that most mainstream messaging apps do not, and allows users to forward messages, make audio and video calls, send files and send voice messages, among many other impressive things. Whatsapp even has business accounts and because it is so popular all over the world, … Read more

OPPO’s new 125W Flash Charge Fully Fills Your Phone in 20 minutes

As we discussed earlier, OPPO has launched a 125W Fast charge technology and a new range of charges. Oppo’s 125W option promises to power up your 4,000mAh smartphone from 0% to 100% in only 20 minutes. Aside from that, Oppo also unveiled a speedy 65W wireless charging AirVOOC dock, a notable upgrade from the company’s … Read more

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