How to open multiple Chrome windows on iPad

The iPad, ever since it moved away from iOS and started running iPadOS has moved towards supporting better multitasking on the device. If you look at how the device behaved in its early years and compare it to the current features, it is obvious that the features of the device were built around how users … Read more

How to disable precise location in iOS 14

Privacy is a big focus on iOS 14. It didn’t include any key features beyond widgets and the App Library but it has changed how most permissions are managed for apps. One key area where iOS 14 has changed is the information an app receives to the setting. Many apps on iOS require access to … Read more

How to bulk delete Whatsapp media files

Whatsapp users forward messages a lot, so much so that the company had to add restrictions to prevent fake news from spreading through the app. Media, usually images and videos, are circulated over Whatsapp either over groups or over one-on-one chairs. On Android phones, the media will be saved directly to the phone storage while … Read more

How to change the Instagram icon on your iPhone

The Instagram profile has undergone a number of changes over the years. The most notable change was the current image which was not liked by many users. Changing the app’s images isn’t easy and on an iPhone, it’s almost impossible to change an app’s image without crashing your phone, unless the app itself has an … Read more

How to watch Netflix in Picture in Picture on iPhone

iOS 14 has a new Picture-in-Picture mode that allows users to play videos in a small, thumbnail size on their screen while using other apps. iPadOS got this feature last year, but it seems to be popular enough for Apple to add it to iOS. Picture-in-picture mode Picture-in-picture mode has become a staple on most … Read more

How to update iOS on your iPhone

iPhones get one major OS update every year and in between several smaller updates. These minor updates are usually minor features or bug fixes. Each major iOS update also takes one year off the iPhone’s life, ie how long Apple will support. Generally, iOS updates are optional, but in most cases iPhone users always install … Read more

How to set up back tap gestures on iPhone

iOS 14 has a new feature that allows users to set gestures that are performed by tapping on the back of their phones. The function is called ‘Back taps’, and it works with two and three taps, each with their own action to perform. Compatible iPhone models Back taps are an iOS 14 feature, but … Read more