How to enable AHCI mode in BIOS for a PC

Hardware configuration is not as simple as software configuration. If you install an operating system on a computer, chances are that it can configure basic drivers and that you will have a functional system when you access your desktop. The same cannot be said for hardware. If you choose to build a personal computer, or … Read more

How to hardcode subtitles on Windows 10

Subtitles are rarely hard-coded. To keep things flexible, captions are either available as standalone SRT files or embedded in a video file. Hard-coded captions are basic when writing the text on the video. You can not hide it if you do not need it, and you can certainly not change the language or even the … Read more

How to record screen and webcam on Windows 10

Screenshot software is easy to find; You can find simple, free tools that can capture your screen, and you can find feature-rich premium tools that do everything and more. Just like screen capture programs, it is easy to find programs that can record a video from your webcam. There are simple recording apps, like the … Read more

How to format a MicroSD card on Windows 10

A microSD card usually works on small devices such as phones or tablets. These devices do not normally have space for an SD card, as the device must be a certain size and still contain a lot of hardware. Apart from phones, tablets and cameras, you will not find many devices that can read and … Read more

How to Test Mic on Windows 10 (And Configure It)

The sound engineer asks the artist to check the microphone before the live performance. This is called a microphone test and ensures that everything works properly before it is put into use. Similarly, you can even test the microphone on Windows 10 and make sure it is working properly. Here are some ways to test … Read more

How to uninstall Microsoft store apps on Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1 first introduced the Windows Store, which became the Microsoft Store after a few iterations of Windows 10. The store was not yet large; it hosts some popular applications, but many users still use desktop applications as they are not subject to the same restrictions as these UWP applications. Microsoft Store Programs … Read more

How to find packet loss in games on Windows 10

Online games are ‘live’. Games like TF2, Fortnight, PUBG, Apex Legends, and so on, players play simultaneously. These games are played in real time with only millisecond differences. To reduce the time difference between when a player performs an action and other players see it, multiple servers are set up for online games. Players are … Read more