Creative Services Project Management Software

Organizational project management software is part of the flow of companies and teams’ work. It is necessary to keep all logs about the work. It goes without saying that creators need to keep all tasks, files and feedback in one place to visualize their workflow, because it’s hard to lose things, tasks and time when they ‘ do a lot of work.

Why is it important?

Every creative project management tool offers a lot of different features that you can easily miss. And the number of these is not as important as the ability to use the main features that make your work easier.

First, you need to understand why tools for managing creative teams are important to see which features are a priority.

  • Monitoring documents. You must have the ability to monitor each step of the workflow from the team member to the final version.
  • Agree. As a manager, you must be able to approve every document that enters the system and leave feedback.
  • Communication. It is best if the tool has some kind of chat where you can communicate with your team in real time, leave your comments and solve issues.
  • External users. Make sure you have the ability to add external users such as freelancers or new customers to the system so you can work on one project together.
  • Time management. Check if your tool offers time tracking features so you know exactly how much time you spent on a particular project which will help you understand your market value.
  • Software integration. Some tools offer integration with classic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. If your creative team needs one, make sure you have this too.

The best project management tools for creative teams

When you know why you need project management software for creative people, you can go look for a specific one. Here’s our top 3 agency project management software so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

1. Crook

This easy-to-use solution allows you to do everything you need to communicate with your creative team effectively. You can assign tasks, share feedback, monitor team progress and performance, share files, talk via Zoom, etc.

But we think the most interesting parts of this Krock group software project management yes:

Ability to create individual workspaces to work on projects with your clients. This is useful because you will have specific places where you can keep all the information on one project.

  • Ability to create a pipeline for your project.
  • Ability to create projects with pre-made templates to start working immediately.
  • Ability to assign different projects to different people, give ideas and provide feedback.
  • Ability to use calendar in different views so you can deliver your project on time.
  • Ability to share your project.
Krock Page

2. Asana

You may have heard about Asana and its attractive design. It allows working on multiple projects, using a Kanban board to plan activities, and planning project launches. It is easy to use and very popular. Here, you’ll find flexible project views, calendars and timelines. You can automate your tasks, use forms, manage milestones, etc.

Asana page

3. Concept

This project management software for creative people is a bit like Wikipedia, where you can store everything. Even though it has everything, there is even a little more than you need, which can be a little confusing for some teams. In addition, it is a great tool that you can use while managing creative teams. You can also add Kanban boards here, create a Wikipedia with the necessary information for your team, share notes, create databases, run calendars, etc.

Comment page

4. Monday

Monday is one of the simplest creative management tools on the market. It helps to visually organize tasks or independent tasks within projects. You can manage tasks and projects through the main board, which is like a hub where you can see all the projects and their status. Each action board can be customized. For example, you can check the number of hours spent on the project, its status, or check the location.

Among many tools, we want to emphasize the ability to centralize the workflow, collaborate with stakeholders, drag and drop sequences, change the overall view (Gantt, Kanban, Calendar), etc.

Monday Page

5. Teamwork

This project management tool for creative teams helps keep everything in one place. And this is good to work with your team, tasks and projects. Because you don’t have to keep every piece of information in your head, on paper, or in different places around the apps, you can store and manage everything from one place – Teamwork. In addition, you will always be connected to your team.

You’ll also get advanced features that help you modernize your work and manage your creative business even better. Such features include time tracking, budgeting, resource allocation, and much more.

Teamwork page

Key features of Teamwork include the ability to spend less time in the email box while keeping all communications in one place, automating the workflow, cutting repetitive tasks, integrating other tools, and tracking tasks.


The aforementioned creative project management tools are popular, easy to use and attractive. You can use any of them, but we recommend you start with the Krock solution. It is relatively new to the market, but it has the basic features that a top-tier company needs to run its business.

Even though every business needs a specific set of features, you can start with something that has most of them. The main consideration is that you feel comfortable using the creative project management software you have chosen. You can reach out to find the best for you and your team!