Five Walls of Protection for Your Personal Data at an Online Casino

Since players moved from physical casinos to online platforms, cybercriminals have been on the lookout for opportunities to destroy data. But technological development has not only benefited hackers. Online casino sites have started using various methods to protect the user’s private information. Several signals can show you that you are playing them at a reliable level casinos website.

In order to use gambling services, it is inevitable to submit personal and financial information. That is why it is important to use only platforms that have multiple data protection walls. After all, it doesn’t matter what bonuses or jackpot games offer if someone damages your data. So please keep in mind the following that we have mentioned when you sign up real money casino sites.

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In our text, we have covered five casino security features:

  1. Licenses issued by reputable regulatory bodies
  2. SSL technology for encrypting user data
  3. Code of conduct for data protection
  4. Requests that are verified to keep data secure
  5. Safeguards that the user can take with the help of the operator

Licenses issued by reputable regulatory bodies (gambling commissions)

The first sign of a trusted gambling site is definitely a valid license. Regulatory agencies around the world issue casino licenses to ensure that you invest real money in a secure secure site. Some of these organizations are hardworking and obtaining their licenses is not an easy task. On the other hand, there are regulatory commissions that do not require a high level of security as a condition of granting permission. You can check the operator’s license by scrolling to the bottom of the casino page. This information can also be found in the “About Us” section. When you find information that an operator is licensed you should know if it is trusted. Some of the most prestigious licenses currently in the gambling industry are issued by:

  • Malta Gambling Authority (MGA)
  • Nevada Gambling Authority (NGA)
  • Alderley Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)

We have already mentioned that there are regulatory bodies that issue licenses and do not require the casino to meet high security standards. These licenses are issued by the governing bodies of Costa Rica and Curacao. They are very easy to get. so you can find the names of many gambling sites if you scroll to the bottom. It is also important to point out that some websites may post false information that they have permission to. These licenses are not issued by the regulatory commissions. But there is a way to find out if it is a scam. Since each license has a number, you can compare it on the gambling commission website. You can also check the list of permitted operators on the Commission’s official website. If your operator is not on that list, it is incorrect information. You should stay away from such sites as your data may be compromised.

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SSL technology for encrypting user data

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL for short is a security protocol that ensures the privacy and security of user data. Without SSL technology, hackers would be able to recover data between you and online casinos. That is why all obvious gambling sites use SSL to encrypt data transmitted over the Internet. You have to wonder how does this encryption work? Let us explain this process to you.

When you enter credit card information at an operator’s website, it is transferred to a database. However, SSL technology converts the entered data into a separable character combination that is almost impossible to define. What SSL does is also authenticate communication between two devices. Demonstration confirms that both devices should be heavily involved in communication. SSL also digitally signs data to ensure it is not unauthorized before it reaches the recipient.

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As for the encrypted data, it is personal data, passwords, and all financial transactions. The most common are 128-bit secure data encryption protocols. An even later version of data encryption is marked as 256-bit. This version is a much higher 128-bit data security token. The 256-bit version is as much as 300 billion times safer than the 128-bit. Of course, just as you can check the license, you can make sure that the gambling site is using reliable casino technology. This information should be located at the bottom of the page as an SSL image. If you cannot find this image, please search the “Privacy” section. There you should find information about SSL security protocol.

Code of conduct for data protection and other rules

The European Gaming and Betting Association, or EGBA for short, has published a Code of Conduct on data protection. The EGBA company ensures that all its members operate in accordance with the relevant code. The main aim of the Code of Conduct on Data Protection is to achieve the highest standards of data protection and compliance with the laws of the online gambling sector. Another goal of this code is to convince users that their data is being handled securely.

What EGBA demands from its members is that they do not provide services in accordance with the user’s consent for data processing. But they will allow operators to take steps to encourage players to allow this processing. The EGBA lists some of the “legitimate interests” of the operator that allow it to process user data. These legitimate interests are:

  • security system test
  • detect fraud in customer accounts
  • to ensure dispute resolution by filing messenger-backed calls
  • sorting consumers who play and bet for direct promotion and marketing
  • based on player activity history, establishing VIP status to provide special benefits

There are two principles on which data handling should be based. These are transparency and data reduction. The principle of transparency means that the user must know when his data is being processed. There is a departure from this principle. Transparency does not apply when authorities investigate users for illegal activities on the site. The second principle is data reduction. It means that the operator should not collect user data that is not necessary for interest.

Finally, gambling operators pursue policies such as anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing. It includes an investigation of transactions that take place online to ensure that consumers’ money does not come from illegal sources. Also, policies on money laundering and terrorist financing ensure that operatives do not keep data longer than necessary. According to the EGBA, data retention should stop as soon as the casino closes the user account.

Use proven casino applications to secure data

To avoid compromising data security through the app, you should not download software from unreliable sources. Therefore, if the operator offers an application, it will be available on their official website or in the Google / App store. You should not install software from a browser, as it may harm your privacy information. You should also make sure that the operator is constantly updating its application to improve software security.

However, you should be aware that hackers can also make legal casino claims. That was true with the Clubillion operator. Hackers somehow found a way to hack the operator’s application and collect 50 GB of records from the database every day. More than 10,000 people disclose their information to unauthorized people every day. But online fraud was detected and the operator responded immediately to minimize the damage.

A free application study was conducted to determine their susceptibility to attacks by cyber criminals. Of the 23,000 free apps surveyed, 3,200 fell into ‘medium risk’ for users. 379 of them knew security vulnerabilities and 52 apps already contained malware. It has also been proven that casino applications lack transparency. That is, it is difficult to know what programs and measures they use to protect user data.

Take precautions to protect yourself

While a casino plays a key role when it comes to protecting user data, you can help with that as well. The only thing the casino will remind you when you register is to keep your password secure. You should heed this advice and keep your registration information available to you only. It is also recommended to use a password that is easy to remember but not easy to crack. An online casino can recommend a secure password when you register. It is usually made up of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Such passwords are not easy to remember, but they are difficult to crack by cybercriminals.

If you set the PC / smartphone to remember the password, the device must be protected with an appropriate PIN. Failure to do so may result in the loss of confidentiality and make all your personal information accessible. In addition to registration information, you should also keep financial data secure. It is better to use those payment systems that do not require card information like cryptocurrencies. For cryptocurrencies, operators use KIC checks to make sure you are actually starting transactions on the gambling site.

Determining customer data security

Available “firewalls” are key features to look for when registering on your favorite gambling platform. Without an appropriate security system, your private and financial data will be exposed to cybercriminals. Hackers can use them to make unauthorized changes or steal money from your account. You certainly wouldn’t want that. That is why casinos are using technology that is growing every day. Technological development is not just about protecting players. It also leads to more fun, which is true with practice metaverse at online casinos.