How do I find my friends on Minecraft?

Minecraft has never really needed an account to play. Users had to create a Mojang account to purchase the game but nothing more. This changed after Microsoft bought Minecraft. You now need a Microsoft Live account to play Minecraft. The good news is, the Microsoft Live account works with Xbox services and its network of games and players.

Friends in minecraft

Find friends in minecraft

Minecraft is an open world game that you can play online with multiplayer. You have the option to join any online server and there will be other players. If you prefer not to play with strangers, you can always play with your friends. The trick is to find and retrieve them all on the same server.

How to find friends in minecraft

There are several ways to find your friends on Minecraft. If you want to go the simplest route, you can just share the server on which you are playing and ask them all to join it. You will not be ‘connected’ to your friends but you will all be on the same server where you can play together.

Find gamer tags

Before you can invite your Minecraft friends to play with you, you need to add them. Friends are added through a gamer tag. A gamer tag is available from the Xbox app. Anyone who plays Minecraft has a Microsoft Live account and with a link, they have a game tag.

Ask your friends for their game tag. Once you have the tag, you can add it directly when you invite your friends to play a Minecraft game or you can add them to the Xbox app (you don’t have to have an Xbox). You can get the app on your mobile device or on Windows 10.

Once you have the Xbox app, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Xbox app.
  2. Sign in with the same Microsoft account you use to sign in to Minecraft.
  3. Go to Social tab.
  4. Enter your friend’s gamer tag in the check bar.
  5. Select them from the results and click Follow.
  6. Get your friend to follow you back.
  7. Once you follow each other, the other person will appear as a friend.

Download friends in minecraft

  1. Minecraft open the.
  2. Choose a world to play in.
  3. Once the world is loaded, go to world settings.
  4. On the right hand side, click the Invite game button.
  5. Select a friend from the list and send the invitation.

If you have not posted your friends on Xbox, but have the gamer tag, you can invite them directly in Minecraft.

  1. Minecraft open the.
  2. Choose a world to play in.
  3. Once the world is loaded, escape / go to the game settings.
  4. Click on the invite to game button.
  5. Click Add Friend.
  6. Enter your friend’s gamer tag.
  7. Send the invitation.


Friends on Minecraft are connected through the Xbox network which you automatically join when you create a Microsoft account. You need to generate a gamer tag for yourself but that’s all you need. The gamer tag is essential for making friends on Minecraft. You do not need to purchase Xbox related services.

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