How many GB is the new Apex Legends update

Apex Legends is a big game in terms of size. It is wide ranging in terms of game play and receives regular updates. The updates are a huge download but, given the size of the game, the download is likely to be pretty large.

Apex Legends Update

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Apex Legends updates include new characters, maps, weapons, and more. Although Apex Legends is an online game, it still needs to store files locally in order to play. That’s why, with each update, you usually see a large amount of files to download.

Not all Apex Legends updates are great. The game gets occasional patches that are smaller updates but across multiple platforms, you will see updates that are at least 1GB in size.

How much GB is in the new Apex Legends update?

The size of the Apex Legends update varies depending on the platform on which you install it. This does not just apply to PC or platform. The size of the update varies if you use Steam or use Origin.

The latest major Apex Legends update is the Season 11 update. The download size for the update on various platforms is as below;

Windows PC – Steam: 9GB

Windows PC – Source: 18 GB

PlayStation: 43GB

Xbox: 72GB

Fortnite is also available on the Switch but it seems that the size of the update tends to vary though, the game itself is around 25GB size so if the update was as big as the game now, you can expect to download 25GB. That said, since the Switch is a more portable / smaller console, the upgrade shouldn’t be so big.

How to download faster game updates

If you want to download a major game update (or a great game for that matter), there is nothing you can do to reduce its size. However, you can speed up the download in a few ways.

  • Download outside peak hours; no matter how fast your internet connection is, your ISP has its peak hours when more people use it which affects the speed at which you get it. Try to download outside of price hours eg, early in the morning or when school / work is in session.
  • Do not download anything else and try to keep other devices offline or from using the link while the update is downloading.
  • Always try to uphold Apex legends if you play regularly. You do not have to wait for older updates to download them before the latest ones can.

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