How many players can play at the same time on Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles released in the past. Can be played on the go, in manual mode, or can be played from the comfort of a sofa in docked mode. Because the Switch is playable on the go, it gives the impression that it is a single player console and, unlike Xbox or PlayStation, can only be played on at one time . This is not true. The Nintendo Switch supports up to four players.

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Multiplayer on Nintendo Switch

If you look at Switch’s physical performance, it does not imply that it supports multiple players. Out of the box, it comes with controllers for two players. You can install games from the Nintendo eStore that support multiple players. If you want more than two players to be able to play on one Switch, you need to purchase additional controllers for them.

Needs multiplayer

To play multiplayer on the same Switch, you need;

  • Drivers for all players
  • A game that supports many players (not all games do that). These games support local play and can be played with just one of the joycons that come with the game. The second joycon can be used with the second player

How to play multiplayer on the same Switch

The trick is to connect the controllers and get the game right. Make sure the game you want to play does not need to play both joycons. You can check this out from the game description.

  • For two players, simply separate the joycons from the console by pressing the button on the back. Attach the strap for each joycon to it. Open the game you want to play, and let two players join it.
  • For four players, you must first purchase another pair of joycons. The joycons, like those that come with the Switch, can be used as a standalone controller. This means that a pair of joycons are two controllers.
  • You need to connect the second pair of controllers to your Switch. This can be done by physically connecting them to the Switch or by pressing the connect button on the controller. The new rulers will not disconnect the original pair.
  • Once the controllers are connected, open the game and start playing.


The Switch is very popular for a number of reasons and it is easy to carry as one. That said, it’s also a very affordable console that supports up to four players and that’s really impressive. You have to spend a bit more for a second pair of controllers but if you like a game in groups, it’s worth buying. If you have a second Switch lying around, you can use its controllers as well.

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