How see the Netflix Top 10 titles around the world

Netflix works through a modern browser. On mobile devices and smart TV (and smart TV), it has special apps but on the desktop, it is used through a browser. The Windows 10 app is not as rich as the web version and does not update often.

Top Netflix Netflix

Top Netflix Netflix

A while back, Netflix started posting the top 10 titles in a country on its homepage. If you are subscribed to the Netflix web app, you will see a series at the top showing the top ten items in your country. This is country-specific data, and it makes sense to be country-specific as Netflix geographically restricts content. That said, if you want to find out what’s on Netflix worldwide, or in a particular country, there’s an official website.

Top 10 Netflix worldwide

To view Netflix to 10 titles worldwide, visit the official Netflix 10 Favorite Website. Typically, the website shows global and English trends.

  1. Users can change the location by clicking View the top listings by country.
  2. Click on the Country drop (basically set to US) and select the country you want to see the top ten titles.
  3. Normally you can watch movies but again, click on the Films area and select TV to find mobile TV series.
  4. Scroll down and you will find a list.
  5. You can use the week sailor above the list to go back and see what was going on the week before.

Scrolling further down will see where the same titles apply. The global scene offers language filters that, if you fancy Korean titles, are a great way to discover new movies and series. The filter is for English or non-English and is not language specific but that is to be expected as non-English titles on Netflix make up a very small percentage of the Netflix catalog.


Actively speaking, the top 10 websites do nothing but give you a list of what is popular in a particular country. There is no option to sign in with your Netflix account and add a title or two to your list, or see when (if) it is coming to a different country anytime soon. The website tells you that the titles you see moving around the world may not be available in your particular country but the only way to determine whether or not to find it is to find it. on Netflix. That said, there are websites that can help you decide what to watch next on Netflix and if you are looking for something to watch, the top 10 list is not a bad place for suggestions. lorg.

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