How to access the Microsoft Edge about:flags page

Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium. Most of the features you’ll find in Google Chrome are now available in Microsoft Edge but with a few tweaks. For example, instead of syncing data with a Google account, Microsoft Edge syncs with your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Edge Flags

Microsoft Edge about: flags

Chromium has experimental properties, and upcoming properties. These features can be enabled before you upgrade to a stable version of the browser from the Flags page. Flags are basically the name that Chromium provides these experimental features. They also have Microsoft Edge.

Get to Microsoft Edge about: flags

The Flags page in Microsoft Edge is relatively easy to access.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Enter this edge://flags/ in the URL bar.
  3. Tap on Enter.
  4. The flags page will load.

Change flag in Microsoft Edge

You can change flags in Microsoft Edge. Doing so will disable and disable the existing feature.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Go to the Edge Flags page (see previous section).
  3. Find a flag.
  4. Open the dropdown next to the flag.
  5. Change the flag state to Enabled or Disabled.
  6. Relaunch Edge to implement the change.

Note: Some flags may have additional options or preferences in addition to Enabled / Disabled. It depends on the flagship although the most common are Enabled / Disabled. Read the banner description to find out what the drop-down options do.

Flag reset in Microsoft Edge

Flags are not always stable. You are free to enable or disable them but they can cause problems with the browser. You can reset a flag as easily as you can enable or disable it.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Go to the Flags page.
  3. Look for a blue dot next to a flag. The blue dot indicates an altered flag.
  4. Open the dropdown next to the flag.
  5. Select the default option.
  6. Relaunch Microsoft Edge to apply the change.
  7. The flag will be reset.


Modified flags, appear at the top of the Flags page. Enabling a flag may not always promote the feature. In some cases, the feature may still be enabled / disabled on a per account basis. Banners come and go based on the browser version. There is no guarantee that a flag will be a permanent feature. It can be completely removed no matter if it works well and users like it. The banners you see in Edge may not be the same ones you see in Chrome. There will be a lot of overlap but that doesn’t necessarily mean the same flags will always be there. Additionally, some flags may behave differently in Edge compared to Chrome.

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