How to add users to Jira boards

Jira is a popular action management tool used across several industries. It is very popular in IT and is built for use with the Agile framework but if you know how to use and how to organize things in Jira, you can use it in almost any field any.

Jira's Tables

Jira’s Tables

Jira’s board shows you the objects or issues created under a project. Every project you create in Jira comes with one board already created however you can create additional boards that show specific items or issues from the current project. For example, you can create a board that displays everything related to a particular feature being developed.

However, you can invite other users to Jira’s board, however, it’s important to first understand how permissions work when it comes to Jira’s board. Jira can have several projects in one account or website. Each project will have its own boards. When you invite a user to Jira’s board, you can invite them with permissions that give them access to the entire Jira. This means that they will be able to access Jira’s boards for all projects created on the Jira site.

You can also invite users to one project and they will only have access to the boards created under that particular project.

Send customers to Jira boards

Now that you know how permissions work when you add users to the Jira board, you can start adding them. Make sure you have the right admin level permissions to add / invite users to Jira’s website, project and board.

  1. Open your Jira website and login.
  2. At the top right, click the cogwheel button and select User Administration from the menu.
  3. Enter the email address of the user you want to invite.
  4. Click Add Members.

An invitation will be sent to the email you submitted. The user has to click on the invitation, set up their Jira account, and join the project. As soon as they get into the project, they will be able to see the Jira boards below.

User permissions in Jira

The process for inviting users to a project in Jira does not involve a step where permissions are defined. To manage permissions ie, which projects and after that which boards a user will have access to you need to understand how they are defined.

Jira comes with ‘Predefined Groups’. You can access these groups from the left-hand column of the User Management page. The groups already have their own set of permissions set up. To give a user a set of permissions, you need to add them to the correct group. You can also create custom groups with a custom set of permissions.

  1. Click the cogwheel button at the top right in Jira and select User control.
  2. Scroll down to the list of users.
  3. Click the More Options button next to User and select Add to Group.
  4. Select the group to which you want to add the user.

Once a user is added to a group, their permissions and access throughout the Jira site are renewed.

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