How to block YouTube on Google Chrome

If you watch one video on YouTube you can quickly send you a rabbit hole of ‘related’ videos. Just like social media sites, YouTube can be time consuming, often more so than social media sites if you end up watching videos much longer.

disable YouTube on Google Chrome

Block YouTube on Google Chrome

YouTube is hard to avoid; many websites confirm YouTube videos and recommended videos appear at the end. If you find yourself frequently watching too many YouTube videos, it may be best to block it altogether. In Google Chrome, you can do just that by installing an extension.

Block YouTube on Chrome – extension

To block YouTube on Chrome, you need an extension that blocks content. BlockSite: Block & Stay Focused Websites is a great choice.

  1. Download and Install BlockSite: Block & Stay Targeted Websites from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Once installed, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the extension.
  3. Visit YouTube.
  4. Click on the extension icon next to the URL bar.
  5. In the pop-up that opens, click Block from this site.
  6. YouTube will be blocked.

BlockSite: Block & Stay Focused Websites is free to use for up to six websites. You can block YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and two other websites of your choice on the free plan. If you need to block additional websites, you can either update or you can block YouTube (and other websites) from the host file.

YouTube Block – Hosts file

Host file is present on both Windows and macOS systems.

The host file for Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 / 10/11 can be found at:


The host file on macOS can be found at:


Use Command + G in Finder and wrap along the way to open the Hosts file

The host file can be edited in any default text editor. On Windows, you can use Notepad. On macOS, you can use TextEdit.

  1. Open the host file in a text editor.
  2. Insert a new line at the very end (do not sign # before the line)
  3. Enter on the line.
  4. Press the Tab key.
  5. Enter
  6. Go to the next line.
  7. Enter on the line.
  8. Press the Tab key.
  9. Enter
  10. Save the file.
  11. Clear browser cache.
  12. YouTube will be blocked.

You can repeat this for as many websites as you want to block.


If you decide to block YouTube (and other websites) from using the host file, be sure to upload the original file first. If you want to block a website, all you have to do is remove the lines you added in the guest file. Make sure to save the change, and make sure you clear your browser cache after editing the file.

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