How to bypass paywall in Chrome

Online publications are generally free of charge and require print subscriptions to be registered. This has been changing though; online publications have fixed costs and a membership model is a reasonable way of covering them.

Bypass payment in Chrome

Bypass payment in Chrome

If you regularly read a particular online publication, it makes sense to buy a membership for it. If you only need to read one or two articles per year, it is not worth buying a membership. In that case, you may need a simple way to get past a pay wall.

How to provide a pay wall in Chrome

To get past a pay wall in Chrome, you need to install an extension. Due to the nature of this extension, it is not allowed or uploaded to the Chrome web store. You have to remove it.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click the More Options button at the top right and select More Tools> Extensions.
  3. Turn the developer switch at the top right.
  4. Visit the Github page for the Bypass Paywalls extension.
  5. Download the extension from the notifications page.
  6. Take out the package.
  7. Once removed, drag & drop the folder onto the Chrome Extensions page.
  8. The extension will be installed.

Whitelisted Websites

Bypass Paywalls extensions do not work with all websites that have a paywall. The extension only blocks payment walls for a select list of websites. You can check out the list on the Github page of the extension.

You should know that if you use ad blocker extension in Chrome, it can cause problems with Bypass Paywall extension. All that works around for this is to use the uBlock Origin ad blocker.

The list of supported websites is not limited and there is a popular publication. However, you can also request the addition of a website, if you visit a website and read it frequently, it may be useful to subscribe instead.


This extension is only for pay walls. It does not block inbound signatures eg Quora forces users to log in to read all responses and Bypass Paywall will not be a big help. You will need to log in, or find a different extension that will block it. Additionally, because the extension is side – loaded, Chrome often prompts you that you are using an extension that is experimental or in development and may not be safe. This is a minor issue but nonetheless and will not get around unless the extension is added to the Chrome web store. This extension can be installed on all Chromium based browsers.

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