How to easily kill an Enderman in Minecraft

Enderman is a unique, Neecraft-neutral phone. You can find them in the web, in the world and in the head. They drop pearls which is important if you want to repair an end portal in a fortress. Enderman is neutral but if you connect them, they turn hostile.

Enderman in Minecraft

Enderman in Minecraft

Enderman usually spawn at night although they may spawn during the day if light is low. They can also spawn in caves. Since they start out as neutral mobs, they will not attack you and you need to get their attention. They can teleport and hate water so if you are hunting Endermen, make sure you are not near water.

Enderman killed in Minecraft

You can use any weapon to kill Enderman but if you want to speed it up, use Diamond level weapons. To avoid being attacked, but still being killed, create a shelf that is two blocks high and stand under it. Endermen are three blocks high so they can not attack you when you are under the shelf but you can attack them from below.

  1. Wait for the night and wait for Endermen to spawn.
  2. As soon as you see Enderman, point the cursor at him. Endermen become hostile when you look at them. You can hear them screaming.
  3. The terminator teleports and attacks you.
  4. While under the shelf, you will not be injured and you can bounce back.
  5. Be careful of other mobs.

Ender Pearls

Enderman ‘s murder does not guarantee a pearl fall. There is always a chance that will not be. You can use a finishing pearl to teleport and find fortifications. To create Eye of Ender, you need to put the pearl powder and ender blaze in the crafting board. Blaze power is gained by killing Blaze in the net. The Blaze lowers Blaze rods which, when placed in the craft table, yield powder blaze.


For many players, finding Endermen is the biggest problem. In the subset edition of Minecraft, they seem to spawn far less than they do in Java editing. This particular move has different spawning levels at different versions of the game, although it is due to a bug and not a change in the main mechanics of the game. Finishers spawn in mobs of five but are quick to shoot so you may need to hunt several nights before you have as many end pearls as you need tu.

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