How to enable Enhance Mouse Pointer Precision on Windows 10

It is the GUI that made computers easy to use for the average person. It offers a visual view of what’s going on and allows users to interact with meaningful objects instead of writing and executing commands for everything. Over the years, GUI has evolved but we still use a point tool ie mouse or trackpad to interact with everything on a desktop operating system.

enable mouse point accuracy

Increase mouse point accuracy

Using a mouse is not difficult. If you are using a new system, or have connected a new mouse to your system, you may need to change the speed of the point or you may need to get used to it. Beyond that, there’s not much to do.

Mouse indicator selects an item and to select anything you must click. This is where the accuracy of the mouse point comes into play. You may not click the button exactly where you want it or, you may not have a good idea of ​​what you are clicking.

Enable mouse point accuracy

If you frequently click on the image or object on your screen, you should consider enabling ‘Increase mouse point accuracy’. This is a feature that measures what you are trying to click on. When you click something, and if you click there are a few too many pixels off, it will correct it.

You can’t see the dolphin. Instead, the right click will be executed. You can enable ‘Increase mouse point accuracy’ on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

  1. Open the Configuration application with keyboard shortcut Win + I.
  2. go to Tools> Mouse.
  3. Click Additional mouse options.
  4. In the window that opens, go to the Pointer Options tab.
  5. Enable the ‘Increase Point Accuracy’ option under the bar Select a speed bar.
  6. Click Enter.

Problems with advanced point accuracy

In general, improved signal accuracy helps with clicking and selecting objects more accurately however, it can cause problems in the following two cases.

  • In game, especially FPS games
  • If you have set the point size of the mouse to larger than normal

In both cases, it may be better to disable better mouse point accuracy. If you have trouble interacting with objects on your system without it, try to reduce the speed of the mouse point and clicks. It may help you to click and select more specific items.


Improved mouse signal accuracy works well with both mouse and trackpad. In most cases, the setting remains so even if you have attached a new mouse, the mouse settings for the previous hardware will still apply. This is in most cases but not all. If you have a Microsoft or Logitech mouse connected, and it installs an app to control the mouse, the OS level settings may not apply. Check the app settings to see if you can enable something similar.

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