How to find Amethyst minecraft

Amethyst is a new blockchain that was added to Minecraft (Java and Bedrock) some time ago. These blocks are usually decorative but you can get Amethyst shards from Amethyst which are used to create spyglass. The spyglass is useful and that is why you will want to find Amethyst.

amethyst minecraft

Amethyst in Minecraft

Amethyst is in the caves of the world. They spawn as whole geese and are rare. Needless to say, they are hard to find as they can be anywhere between Y 0 and Y 70. Mining is also a bit tricky if you want to get Amethyst shards.

Find Amethyst in Minecraft

The easiest way to dig up Amethyst in Minecraft is to do so carefully. Remember that they spawn like whole geese so you can dig over into a cave and get some.

  • Look for an underground cave
  • Look for a cave
  • Dig until you are below Y 0 (be careful about falling into lava)
  • Find a place to start digging across and create a tunnel.

Many users have suggested using X-ray mod and that will work but if you want to find it on your own, look for it by digging underground.

Need a fast paced Amethyst world? Use the following seed value (subsoil seed value). It has the Amethyst geode 3081, 17, -122.

Seed value: 1177374759

You can convert Bedrock seeds to Java seed value.

Getting an Amethyst shard

If you have a pickaxe that is animated with Silk Touch, you can pick it up from an Amethyst block. If you don’t have a Silk Touch pickaxe, you can get Amethyst shards with a standard iron pickaxe. All you have to do is smash amethyst browser with a standard iron pickaxe.

The growing collections can be found in the Amethyst geyser. They will grow back. You have to keep going back to the store to get shards which is a downside to this. If you get a pickaxe with a silk rub, you can cut a block of young amethyst (a block that grows amethyst buds) and move it to your base. You can then grow amethyst anywhere you want. It emits little light and can be used as a light source.


Amethysts are very new to Minecraft. It can be used to craft other things later but for now, you can create a spyglass with it and it is a useful thing worth finding amethyst. As for copper, you are very likely to get some while looking for amethyst.

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