How to find and use Copper in Minecraft

Minecraft receives regular updates and most updates are distributed unanimously across all platforms it runs. That said, some updates are made only to specific platforms, and versions.

Updates often include new blocks and additional functions for existing blocks.

copper in minecraft

Copper in Minecraft

Copper was introduced in Minecraft 1.17. It is available in both the Bedrock / Windows 10 version and the Java version. This is the first new mine added to the game from Nether Quartz in 2013.

In Minecraft copper;

  • Occurs naturally
  • There are two versions: copper and deepslate copper which is a rare version
  • Can be mined with a stone pickaxe or higher


However, copper can be mined at levels Y 0 – 96, it is usually found at level y 48. For a good idea of ​​how copper happens, see the picture by OMGcraft – Tips & Classes Minecraft air YouTube.

Copper is usually found near an iron ore and is about as common. It occurs in veins of 6 or more, depending on the version of Minecraft you are running.

If you mine it with an iron pickaxe, you will get more copper ore per block than you would if you mined it with a stone ax.


Copper is new which means it is still of little use but it can be a very important craft; spyglass (telescope).

Copper craft spyglass in Minecraft

To craft Spyglass with copper in Minecraft, you need;

  • Shard amethyst (amethyst collections are found deep inside caves in the world and can be mined with an iron pickaxe or higher)
  • Two copper mines
  • Fuel (wood, coal, etc.)
  • Furnace
  • Craft record
  1. Smelt two copper ores into copper onions in the furnace.
  2. On the crafting board, place the amethyst shard in the second cell of the first row.
  3. Place a copper ingot in the second cell of the second row and in the second cell of the third row.
  4. Spyglass is cured.


Copper can also be used to charge a lightning rod that removes lightning. It may or may not be as useful as spyglass but it is there. Copper is something special in that a block of it oxidizes and changes color if left out. You can coat it with wax to prevent oxidation. The block is relatively new so while it may not craft many things, it may end up being more important down the line. It is unlikely to be a weapon material but can be used to create loaded boots or even magnetic fields.

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