How to Find Duplicate Files on a MacBook

A study found that more than half of Americans had never deleted any files from their devices. And it’s not just unnecessary files that you need to worry about. Looks like you have duplicate files on your MacBook too.

There is a day when you can no longer forget about digital recording. When your MacBook starts to slow down in performance, that could be related to storage space. However, sometimes deleting unwanted MacBook files and apps is sometimes not enough; you need to dig deeper and find duplicate files.

Read on to learn the easiest ways to find duplicate files on your MacBook.

Why you have duplicate files

You can have duplicate files on your MacBook for different purposes. Common causes include unknowingly downloading a file twice, copying files, or re-downloading mail attachments.

It is also easy to transfer the same pictures or documents to your computer from a mobile device multiple times. It is also common for people to save a file with different names several times.

Manual folder scanning

You can use a neat folder to find duplicate files. Open the Finder app and go to File> New Smart Folder. Start a new folder by clicking the plus (+) button.

You can then find files and sort them by name. You can then mark duplicate files, but be sure to check the creation date. If not, you may delete different versions of the files.

Image Library Search

MacBook files are not the only duplicates. It is also common to have a lot of duplicate images. You can open the photos app and sort your photos by date.

Then follow the same process to open Smart Folder in Finder and filter for photos. Compare the photos listed in the Smart Folder and Photos to find duplicates.

Duplicate file finders

A faster way to find duplicate files is to use specific duplicate file finders. These are usually third-party applications, so it is essential to find a reputable option. One option is to find the Gemini duplicate file.

Gemini 2 is one of the best apps for Mac that specifically scans folders for duplicate files. You can scan your entire hard drive or individual folders. It also allows you to find similar images to delete multiple images, such as hundreds of the same sunset.

It’s also easy to recover files if you accidentally delete something. If you are interested in learning more about Gemini, you can read more here.

Find duplicate files on MacBook

There are several ways to find duplicate files on your MacBook. While you can do manual folder scanning, it is more efficient to use duplicate file finders. Choose one of the best apps for Mac, such as Gemini 2.

Once you find and delete duplicate files, you are likely to see an improvement in the performance of your MacBook. Duplicate file finders are the fastest way on a faster MacBook.

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