How to fix arrows keys not working in Microsoft Excel

One workbook in an Excel file can be quite large with thousands of rows and columns. The navigation bar makes it easy to navigate or jump directly to a cell without using the scroll bars but if you are working on a specific section of a page, using the arrows to move between cells is the easiest way. has led the workbook. .

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Arrow keys not working in Microsoft Excel

Excel is a complex application. It is for the reason that not every action in the app can be controlled with a keyboard. In terms of navigation, the set of four arrow keys on a keyboard can be used to move between cells. If you have a number pad on your laptop keyboard or an external keyboard, you can use the arrows to direct a workbook.

If the arrow keys do not work in Microsoft Excel, and you cannot move between cells, try the solutions below.

1. Turn off scroll lock

A scroll lock, when turned on, can block the navigation of the arrow keys. To turn scroll lock off, look for the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard and tap on it.

You may need to press the Fn key and then the Scroll Lock key to disable scroll lock. It depends on the keyboard you have.

To find out if you have turned it off, open the Excel Workbook and look at the bottom bar. ‘Scroll lock’ should not show.

2. Enable sticky keys

This configuration works in general but if you are using the arrow keys on the number plate, this should be a definitive solution.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. go to Easy access.
  3. look for Change how your keyboard works and select it.
  4. Make it possible ‘Turn on sticky keys’.

3. Change Excel settings

You may need to enable support for arrow keys in Excel. It can be turned off (although it usually depends).

  1. Open Excel.
  2. go to File> Options.
  3. Select the Advanced Tab.
  4. Enable the “Enable cell handling and cell drag and drop”.


An Excel file can be large but if it contains too much data, or has macros, it will be slower. It is best not to work as a database even though many people use it as one. Try to open one Excel file at a time, run a file with disabled macros, and try to stop any application that may be using your system resources and slow down the file.

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