How to fix context window in Windows is slow to open

The context table on Windows is an important function UI element that is used to perform common, and frequent, tasks. It’s everything from creating a new folder, creating shortcuts, copying / pasting files, extracting files, or using an application – added context option done through the context table.

Slow context window

Windows context window is slow to open

The context window or context table in Windows can be very busy. Apps are free to add to the list and the busier it gets, the slower it gets too. If the context window is slow to open on your Windows system, try the solutions below.

Remove unused items from the context table

If there are items in the context menu that you do not use eg, the ones added by third – party apps, you can remove them. The added apps will not be removed from your system and this will not affect their functionality.

  1. Download and run a free app called ShellExView from NirSoft.
  2. The app will list items that appear in the context menu.
  3. Go to Settings> Hide all Microsoft extensions to hide system settings.

  1. You will see a list of context menu items added to third-party apps.
  2. Select items you no longer use, and click the red button to disable them.
  3. Repeat for everything you do not use.
  4. Restart the system and the context menu should accelerate.

Remove everything from the context table

The context menu can slow down if a poorly developed app has added something. The only way to fix this is to find out which app might be causing the problem. It is a long process but it will bring results.

  1. Download and run ShellExView from NirSoft.
  2. Run the app and go to Settings> Hide all Microsoft extensions.
  3. Select all third-party extensions and disable them.
  4. Restart the system.
  5. The context menu will open much faster now.
  6. Enable one third-party item again using ShellExView and then check if the context menu is slowing down.
  7. Repeat for everything you use.
  8. When you find that the registry has slowed down, turn off the last one you enabled. What seems to be slowing the context table down.


The context menu can be quite large, especially for files and folders. Windows does not offer a quick or easy way to scan it. A user will not be asked if they want to allow an app to add items to the context menu either. It is supposed to be part of installing an app but the menu will slow down at some point. Try to trim when you can and keep out unwanted items.

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