How to fix game crashes after the PUBG logo appears

PUBG is a great game and not just for players. It is more complex than the games and games that are held and played every day. In addition, the game gets regular updates and upgrades to keep it fresh. Its basic hardware requirements do not change despite this.

game crashes after displaying your PUBG logo

Game crashes after displaying your PUBG logo

PUBG is an app and like any app, it can crash as well. The crash may be the result of a malformed or poorly developed update, or it may be a problem with your system. If the game crashes every time you open PUBG, and you can’t get past the game’s logo, try the solutions below.

Update the game

Make sure PUBG is up to date. If the game is not updated, you will not be able to play it. You may be able to launch it but it will stop before you can see as much as a loading screen.

  1. Steam Open.
  2. Go to the Library.
  3. Select PUBG from the left hand column.
  4. In the pane on the right, select the Update option.
  5. Please wait to download and install the update.
  6. Once installed, open the game.

Update Steam

Like games, Steam is also an app and updates regularly. Steam updates do not usually prevent games from running but it is a good idea to keep up with it as it may not run a game if it finds that the client is not Steam you updated.

  1. Steam Open.
  2. Go to Steam> Check for updates.
  3. Download the available updates and restart the Steam client.
  4. Open PUBG and it should load.

Verify PUBG files

Game files can be corrupted. This can happen when the game is updating, when Steam is updating, or when your OS is updating, among other things. However, with Steam games, file corruption is relatively easy to fix.

  1. Steam Open.
  2. Go to the Library.
  3. Right-click PUBG in the left-hand column and select Properties.
  4. Go to the Local Files tab.
  5. Click Verify the integrity of game files.
  6. Allow Steam to scan files and fix any problems it finds.

Update drivers

PUBG needs GPU to run smoothly and your GPU needs to be running the latest drivers available for it. One reason the game may stop abruptly is because it is updated but you do not have the GPU drivers.

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Expand Display Adapters.
  3. Right-click on your GPU and select Update driver from the context menu.
  4. Search online for driver updates and install them.

Note: It may be a good idea to use the Nvidia GeForce Experience app or the AMD Combined Chipset and Radeon Graphics driver installer to install the latest drivers if Device Manager finds nothing.

Hardware changes

PUBG is not going to run on low systems. It may even have trouble running on a mid-level system if the graphics settings are set too high. In this case, some players choose to override their GPU. GPU overclocking is very common in the gaming community but it is something that needs to be done right. Even then, not all games may run well on an overclocked GPU. If you have recently checked your GPU, its new settings may not be suitable for running PUBG. Restore it to its factory settings and you should be able to play the game.

Clean PUBG installation

If all else fails, the problem can be solved by reinstalling PUBG. This solution is tedious because you will have to download the game again and it is quite large in size.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Go to Programs> Install Program.
  3. Select PUBG and click the Uninstall button.
  4. Once the game is uninstalled, download it again on Steam.


PUBG is a game but games are, at the end of the day, apps. They are as prone to problems as any other app, including crashes. If the game is the only app that is crashing, a clean install should be repaired. If you are running apps that may be considered cheat-ware by PUBG, uninstall them and then clean install the game.

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