How to fix Mail Delivery Subsystem: Your message wasn’t delivered

Emails have become commonplace and are the standard method of formal communication. Chat messengers are great for sharp conversations but when something needs to be in writing, it will be put in writing in the form of an email that can be sent, CC’d and BCC’d to her. everyone involved. Some of the most popular email services are free; Google and Microsoft both offer free accounts in addition to paid business accounts. Sending, or receiving, an email does not take much more than a browser and knowing how to make one compile and send it.

Mail delivery subsystem

Email mail delivery subsystem

Email is automated in many ways; users set up messages outside the office for when they are away and without serving e-mails, signatures, rules for sorting e-mails, sending addresses forward, and create block lists to keep unwanted messages out of their inbox.

Emails from the Mail Delivery Subsystem are automated emails when a message is kicked. A bribe message is a message that was sent but not delivered. Message failure usually occurs within minutes of sending the message. In some cases, depending on the email address you sent the message to, the delivery tape may take a few hours to arrive.

Fix Subsystem Mail Delivery: Your message has not been delivered

If you received an email from a Post Delivery Subsystem, the email you submitted did not send it. This usually only happens with one email. To fix this, you first need to find out which email kicked the message. To find out, open the email from Mail Delivery Subsystem. It tells you which email received the kicked messages. The email can also tell you why the message was kicked.

Email can kick in for the following reasons and these problems almost prompt the email owner to fix the problem.

The inbox is full

Email inboxes seem to be unlimited and that may be true if your inbox is 10GB or 15GB in size though, that’s still a complete storage level. Once the storage space runs out, the email account will not be able to receive additional messages until space is freed up.

If your emails to a particular account keep kicking in, it may indicate that the recipient ‘s inbox is full. Ask them to clean it up and free up some space for new messages.

Email is inactive / suspended

Email accounts can be deleted. Users can delete their emails manually. Email accounts can be turned off if they are found to be in breach of the terms of service of the land they are on. If the email is a business email, the account can be deactivated if the subscription expires.

This type of problem usually appears in the form of an undetected email that accompanies the mail delivery subsystem: Your message was not delivered by email. Again, you need to reach out to the recipient through a different means of communication (or a different email), and ask them to arrange them.

Incorrect email

If you send an email to a non-existent account ie, you have entered an incorrect email address, the message will be kicked. Just like sending a letter to an address that is not true, delivery of the message fails. Check it out and make sure you are using the correct email. You may have incorrect domain or typo in the address you typed.


A mail delivery subsystem tells you that your message was not delivered. It may or may not tell you why the delivery failed. The message may be accompanied by an error code or a response from the server to which the email was sent. You can look up the server response to see why the message delivery failed.

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