How to fix Outlook keeps sending emails to Junk or Spam Folder

Spam filters are based on email messages and services. These filters are essential because spam comes in regularly and it is not humanly possible to sort it out manually. It is always best to let the filters do the work.

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Outlook keeps sending emails to junk or spam

Outlook has a junk folder with the name it gave to its spam folder. It filters messages based on the domain it comes from, and based on the content of the message. The filter is not bad; you will find most of the messages sent to either the trash can or spam folder there. You will find that some messages get through its filters and will be in your main inbox. Important emails may be sent to the trash or spam folder from time to time. If you have too many important emails going to junk or spam, try the solutions below.

1. Whitelist for e-mail

If Outlook sends an important email to the junk or spam folder, the first thing you need to do is whitewash the email address. You can manually mark a message as ‘not spam’ and move it to the main inbox. This will let Outlook know that the sender is safe, and Outlook will also learn that the message is not content. This will apply to incoming messages in the future.

  1. Open Preview.
  2. Select the Junk folder from the left-hand column.
  3. Select the message that was mistakenly placed in the trash folder.
  4. On the Home tab, click on the trash can icon and select Do not block the sender’s domain.

2. Save email as a contact

You can add an email as a contact. Outlook will not send emails from a contact to the trash folder.

  1. Open Preview.
  2. Select the Garbage package.
  3. Select a message.
  4. Right-click the sender’s email.
  5. Choose Add to Outlook notifications.

3. Create a rule to get over the Junk filter

You can create rules to prevent important messages from going to Junk folder. This is the way forward if you are not sure which email / domain message will be sent but you have an idea of ​​which language to use or if you know a word that will be in a topic or group the message.

  1. Open Preview.
  2. go to File> Rules and warnings.
  3. Click New rule.
  4. Move messages with specific words in the folder subject.
  5. Click The next thing.
  6. Click A special word.
  7. Enter the word you want a whitelist.
  8. Click a named folder and select Inbox.
  9. Click Next, and then Next again.
  10. Give the name management.
  11. He finished setting it up.


If you have configured a non-Microsoft account in Outlook, check the junk / spam filters that your e-mail service has set up. The filtering can be applied by the email service and Outlook is just syncing it to the trash folder.

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