How to fix skins fail to load on Minecraft

Minecraft comes with a handful of skins that you can use for your in-game character. You can also customize the character with the built-in editor or you can download a skin online and use it instead.

Skins cannot be downloaded in minecraft

Minecraft players who use the Windows 10 ie Bedrock version have complained that no skin was loaded in the custom drawer. Some players with the Java edition have had similar problems but this seems to be a Primary issue for the most part. The skins are still in place / separate drawer but will not load or appear in the custom drawer. Here’s how you can correct it.

Load or create new skin

Try selecting a new skin from the skin drawer or bring in a new one. You can check out how you can download and install skin here.

to select and load a different skin from the skin drawer;

  1. Minecraft open the.
  2. Click on the dressing room button under your character on the shower / home screen.
  3. Select Edit Character.
  4. Select skin from the skin drawer.
  5. It should load and appear in the character drawer.
  6. Close Minecraft.
  7. Minecraft reopen.
  8. Look for the skin (s) that were not previously loaded and should reload this time.

Download skin on the world

The skin is still there but does not appear in the selection drawer. This approach can lead to emergence.

  1. Minecraft open the.
  2. Go to the Dressing Room.
  3. Select the skin (it will not load but select it anyway).
  4. Once selected, enter your world or create a new one.
  5. Go to the Emote tab (press B on the keyboard).
  6. Select the Skins tab.
  7. Select the skin that did not load from this tab.
  8. Once it loads in the game world, return to the main menu.
  9. Go to the Dressing Room.
  10. The skin should now be loaded into the character drawer.


This glitch is very common for many Minecraft players. It is likely to go away if the game is updated or reinstalled. You can wait for the game to update if the above solutions do not work or you can uninstall and reinstall the game. Before you uninstall the game, make sure you maintain your whole world. The backup option is integrated into the game. Select a world, and select the Export option. Once you have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, use the import feature to import the worlds you sent out before uninstalling the game. game.

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