How to fix This Webpage is not available error

Websites are hosted on servers that are essentially computers that stay up all the time, and can serve hundreds and thousands of requests at once. Like any computer, a server can go down and take down any hosted website. This means you will not be able to access it. That said, a server rarely goes down. Problems with your internet connection, your browser, and even your operating system can prevent you from accessing a website.

This web page is unavailable

Fix This web page is not available

When you cannot access a website, you may find that this webpage is not available with a message, or anything similar. The error message can vary based on the browser you see there, and whatever your browser thinks is wrong. However, try the following solutions to solve it.

1. Check that the website is down

The first thing you should check when you see this webpage is that there is no message available, if the website is down or if there is a problem with the link on your head. To check the status of a website, follow these steps.

  1. Copy the URL of the website you are trying to access it.
  2. Visit him Down to everyone or just me.
  3. Enter the URL and check the status.

If the website is down, you can do nothing to fix it. It is up to the website to resolve any issues it may have.

2. Try a different browser

Websites usually do not have problems with any modern website however, if there is a problem with your browser, it may interfere with the link . Install a different browser and try visiting the website there. If you can access the website in a different browser, go through the rest of the settings we have listed to configure your browser. You can also try to clear your browser.

3. Check / modify antivirus

Your website may be blocked by your anti-virus. A horrible anti-virus can block a website. See if you can put whitelist websites in the antivirus app. If you can, whitelist the website and see if you can access it.

You can also switch to Windows Defender. It usually does not block websites. Those that do, it will be blocked by a malware warning.

4. Troublesome running Windows

If there is a problem with your internet settings, there will be problems in linking to a website or to all websites. Run the Windows problem and it will fix the problem.

  1. Open the Options app with the keyboard shortcut Win + I.
  2. go to Update and security.
  3. Select the Troubled tab.
  4. Click Additional troublemakers.
  5. Run the Network device solver.
  6. Enter all configurations that he praises.
  7. Next, run the Troublesome internet connections.
  8. Enter all configurations that he praises.
  9. Restart the system.

5. Reset DNS and IP

Try resetting the DNS and IP on your system.

  1. Open Promptly forward with administrative rights.
  2. Run the following orders, one by one.
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset catalog
ipconfig /flushdns
  1. Restart the system.

6. Change DNS server

A DNS server is essential for connecting to the Internet. If your website’s DNS server can’t find a website, you can’t access it. Please change the DNS server you are using.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. go to Network and internet.
  3. Click Network and sharing.
  4. Click Change adapter settings in the left-hand column.
  5. Double click the WiFi adapter.
  6. Click on the Buildings button.
  7. Double click Internet Protocol Version 4.
  8. Choose Use the following DNS server address.
  9. Use Google DNS.

  1. Repeat steps 8-9 for Internet Protocol Version 6.


This webpage is not available Messages can display various problems and are usually resolved using the solutions we have provided. If you suspect that a website is blocked by your ISP, you can try to access it with a VPN. If you are using a VPN to access the website, use a different one.

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