How to fix Zoom echo issues during a call

Hearing issues are very common with video calls. They feature in some of the best apps including FaceTime. Hearing problems have nothing to do with call volume ie, how many people are on call. Instead, they are caused by connectivity issues, problems with the application itself, and problems with the audio hardware set up.

Move echo issues during a call

Echoes during audio or video calls are uncommon. Many apps have this problem and Zoom is no different. If you are constantly getting echoes during your Zoom calls, try the solutions below.

Check installed hardware

Check your audio device; the echo is often caused when an external mic or headset with mic is used. The hearing in (mic) and hearing out (speaker / headphones) are too close and cause the echo. Switch to the built-in audio devices and find out if the echo goes off.

If you have been using the built-in mics and speakers, try switching to a pair of built-in headphones. They could solve problems with the built-in hardware.

There is no rule as to what is best; indoor or outdoor audio. The configurations are different on each system which is why it is a bit of a trial and error.

Check internet connection

Make sure your internet connection is stable.

  1. Visit him
  2. Click Go.
  3. Check the ping (it should be a low value).

If your connection is unstable, you may get an echo. Try to reduce bandwidth usage while in Zoom call.

Check audio options

When engaging in a Zoom meeting, you have the option to choose your audio device. All participants have the same options and meeting audio can be sent to the desktop and by phone.

  1. In the Zoom meeting, click the arrow button next to the son.
  2. From the list, make sure only one son and one speaker are selected.
  3. Ask all other participants to explore the same situation.
  4. Invite participants to access the call from just one device instead of multiple devices (one device per participant).


Echoes can occur in any audio / video call. If you see it across a number of apps and services, most notably a desktop recording app like Audacity, it’s more likely your fault. If your son is more sensitive, the sound of the room may work against you as well. Try to have meetings in a different room and double check your audio preferences. Reduce the volume of the son and the speakers.

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