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keep scarlet

Fail 2 continues to introduce new strikes to challenge and engage players. One new strike is Scarlet Keep, where players will greatly enjoy the Grandmaster’s plight. Also, the map of this strike is large enough to help players find many places for themselves to hide and attack.

Here we will share the tips with which to catch the strike if you play on Grandmaster problem. Other problems are lower than Grandmaster, which will have fewer enemies and therefore less challenging.

Get hold of an obstacle

By the time you enter the strike, you will see plenty of obstacles compared to the much smaller Unstoppable Ogres. This means you have to have damage against an obstacle for a consistent and smooth run.

Also, there are mods for obstacles, and the Arbalest is the best one to use. This comes with excellent anti-obstruction features and does a lot of damage.

Ranged Weapons helps a lot

Another use of different weapons from the strike is that the play takes place on the Moon. This means there are large areas and a clear view. However, enemies can see here from a great distance, so you need to make a reasonable cover.

Players who want loot fall night may consider the sweat of the night. If not, you need to complete the difficulty level using your own team. This will also require you to wear the Shards. However, when you pick the problem, pro players perform on your behalf and get all the benefits while you can sit back and relax.

In addition to the cover, long-range weapons such as rifles are essential. There are other explosives as well, but they may not cover the required area. Hand-held cannons also work well if you can’t set up rifles.

Know when to join your team

keep scarlet

As we discussed earlier, the strike comes with a lot of enemies since you play in Grandmaster trouble. Players generally perform well by separating and taking responsibility; however, they must form a group and play together. This is beneficial if you have a Void cost.

When it comes to executing all three plates, the action takes place in front of players with the ability to destroy multiplayer. So here they should scatter, so that not all players get damaged.

For the Void cost part, players should stay as a group and handle one side at a time.

Players should have a hunter who can be invisible and spend money on the plate. Two more players should go to the sides to kill them as the Barrier Knight spawns.

Then comes the lift sequence when enemies come from both sides. When a player kills a Wizard from one side, ads and Barrier Knights appearing from the other side and killing many players. That’s why players have to get cover from the enemy from all sides.

Pay attention to the spam

Continuing with the elevator series, the Acolytes spawn, which can easily deceive players. Here players must use three columns that allow them to move quickly and manipulate themselves depending on where the spawning takes place. Hunters can be helpful because they have the power to be invisible.

Use mods

Weapon mods are essential to defeat the enemies effectively. This is because the enemies are endless, and Acolytes is an additional headache. Players should, in order to avoid the snipe, use defensive weapon mods.

For this, Sniper Resistance is a good model. This will help you to fight against Acolytes when you are in a larger area.

Arc Resistance is another mod that protects you against Wizards. Players can also try Concussive Dampener which protects you from Barrier Knight deceiving you.

The Last Boss Room

Finally comes the leader’s room, the most challenging part of the strike. The main disadvantage is the limited space that gives players less chance of survival. However, you can use the columns to take the cover.

Stand where Hashladun is, where you will also see two Wizards. Move back and forth in space and take down the orange-bar missions and majors first. Then reach the doors and use tools like Witherhoard against the signs.