How to make a bed in Minecraft

Bed rest is an important thing in Minecraft. It allows players to reset their spawning point. If you have built your foundation, you should definitely make a bed, put it in a room, and sleep in it at least once to change your seeding point. If you don’t have a bed that you’ve slept in at least once, and you die, you reset at the original spawning point that the game gave you when you created and entered world, or when you logged into a server.

bed in Minecraft

Make a bed in Minecraft

Making a bed in Minecraft is easy enough. The material blocks for it are easy to find and the construction is a simple, one-step process. If you have the time and resources for it, you can make a bed of a particular color but you need to find a color for it.

What you need

To make a bed in Minecraft, you need;

  • Three blocks of wool
  • Three wooden blocks (of any kind)
  • Craft record

Getting wool in Minecraft

Wool comes from sheep. Sheep are very common and you can find them in almost all biomes. They come in white, brown and black color variations. The color of the wool determines the color of the bed.

To get wool, you can;

  • Real sheep
  • Kill berries

To kill a sheep, a wooden sword will do, but it is better to shear it. The sheep will grow back after a while and you will get more wool from it again. By shearing, you can definitely get wool but by slaughtering sheep, you may only get mutton. To shear a sheep, you just need it. To raise sheers, you must;

  • 2 iron nails

To craft crafts;

  1. Open the crafting board.
  2. Place one iron ingot in the second cell of the first row.
  3. Place one iron ingot in the first cell of the second row.
  4. Gather sheers.

Bare sheep

Now that you have the seers, you need to find sheep. As soon as you find a sheep, right click / act on the sheep. You will get at least one wool block. The sheep change shape to show that they have been sheared. You can’t get more wool from it until it grows back.

If you want the bed to have a certain color, go ahead and dye the wool before proceeding.

Make a bed in Minecraft

Now that you have the wool and wood, you can make the bed.

  1. Open the crafting board.
  2. Place one block of wool in each cell of the first row.
  3. Place one wooden block in each cell of the second row.
  4. Gather the bed.
  5. With the bed in your hand, right click on the ground to place it.
  6. Once you are positioned, right click on the bed to sleep.

Sleeping in Minecraft

You can’t sleep in Minecraft whenever you want.

  • You can only sleep at night or when it is dark (or wet)
  • You can’t sleep if there are hostile moves nearby
  • If you do not sleep for several nights in a row, the Phantom will attack you during the day.


A bed in Minecraft was an important thing but may not have been necessary to build it until the Phantom mob was added. Previously, the game gave players the option to skip the night quickly or reset their spawning point. Now, he’s punishing you for not getting enough sleep.

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