How to make a book in Minecraft

Books have one main use in Minecraft; crafting enchantment record. A book is needed to make an enchantment which is then used to balance your weapons and armor, among other things. Books can be found in coffins in mines and temples but are easy to craft. If you need a book, whether it’s for aa bookshelf or an enchantment table, it’s best to craft one.

Book in Minecraft

To make a Book in Minecraft you need paper and leather. Both are readily available. Leather is obtained from cows, llamas, mules, donkeys and mooshrooms. Paper needs to be quiet.

Make paper in Minecraft

Papermaking is easy to do in Minecraft but you have to gather resources for it. Paper is made from cane sugar. For sugar, look for water sources. Sugar can be in any water source that has sand blocks around it. Sugarcane grows as a stalk and a single stalk can have 1-4 sections. Each portion yields one sugar. You can add and get more which makes it an easy renewable resource.

sugar canister

To make a book, you need three pieces of paper. To make the paper;

  1. Collect three blocks / layers / pieces of sugar.
  2. Place one block in each cell of the middle row of the crafting board.
  3. Collect three pieces of paper.

minecraft paper

Make a book in Minecraft

Assuming you have the leather and paper, you are ready to make a book.

  1. Open the crafting board.
  2. Place the leather in the center of the last row cell.
  3. Place one piece of paper in the first cell of the second row, and in the second cell of the second row.
  4. Place the third piece of paper in the first cell of the last row.
  5. Collect the book.

Book vs magic book

Enchanted books are different from the standard books made by crafts using the craft board. Enchanted books are used to apply a particular enchantment to a machine or object using the anvil. Players can create a magic book by placing it on a magic board, or get it from chests, by trading with small towns, and even by fishing.


Books have a decorative purpose when used to create a bookshelf but they are also useful if you are planning to use them. You can play Minecraft without enjoying anything. Distilling is far more important but since you are fighting witches, phantoms, and a variety of ever – growing zombies, it’s a good idea to have a weapon.

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