How to make charcoal in Minecraft

Smelting is an important crafting process in Minecraft. It is used to create dyes, cook food, make glass, and extract important minerals such as iron. At the heart of the smelting process is the furnace (or blast furnace) and fuel. Fuel is the powers of the smelting process ie, start the fire and coal is the most common fuel, and is easy to find in Minecraft. That said, there are other fuel blocks you can use.

charcoal in Minecraft

Charcoal in Minecraft

As a fuel, charcoal is as efficient as coal, and 5 times more efficient than wood planks. It does not occur naturally and therefore needs to be cured. Craft utensils for charcoal are easy to find, and easy to craft but when you compare it to coal, it becomes a much more expensive fuel to use for smelting process.

Charcoal has other uses as a fuel; it is used for campfire, soul lantern and the cost of his craft fire. It is very likely that you will not use it to smell anything unless you can find charcoal which is impossible.

How to make charcoal in Minecraft

To make charcoal, you need;

  • Wood
  • Wood or coal plans (or any other fuel eg seaweed)
  • Furnace

To make charcoal, you need to smell wood. Any type of wood will do the job. Find the tree closest to you, and get as much wood as you want to make charcoal. One wooden block will give you one charcoal.

  1. Open the foundry.
  2. Put the wood in the melting cell.
  3. Put in your favorite place fuel in the fuel slot.
  4. Gather charcoal once the process is complete.

Another method of obtaining charcoal

If you happen to find a campfire eg in a small town, and you have a machine (ax) with the silk badge, you can use it to break the campfire and let out two coals -wood from. That’s not to say this is a tedious way to get charcoal, especially if you plan on using it to craft your own campfires around your base.


Charcoal was added to Minecraft in 2010 but, at the time, did little. In fact, it looked like coal and you wouldn’t know if there was coal or charcoal in your inventory back then. It has changed a great deal, both in terms of visual appearance and what it can do. Charcoal now looks very different from coal and is an ingredient in 3-4 different ingredients. Charcoal is available in all forms of Minecraft (Java, Bedrock, etc.).


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