How to make green dye in Minecraft

Construction is a big part of Minecraft. You may want to explore mines, or look for shipwrecks, or you may just be trying to get to The End to kill a dragon but building will always be part of of what you do. Many people play Minecraft just to build things and Minecraft offers them different types of blocks to build with.

Dyes in Minecraft

Blocks in Minecraft have a specific purpose, unique features, color and texture. For most blocks, the color of a block cannot be changed unless you include a utility package or texture. That said, there is a small set of blocks that can be colored. Common blocks that may be colored are concrete, wool, and terracotta, collars worn by the tamed animals, leather weapons, and so on.

As for dying them, you have to make the color from other items mined in the game. The color, once done, must be applied to the block you want to color.

Green color in Minecraft

To make green color, you have to;

  • Cactus
  • Fuel (coal, wood, seaweed)

Getting a cactus

Cactus or cacti occur naturally in confectionery biomes. These plants can hurt a player as well as other mobs but they are easy to mine. You can break them with your hand without doing any damage. One block of cactus can be placed on a sand block and will grow to a full-size cactus which means you can grow as much of the plant as you need.

Make green in Minecraft

Assuming you have a lot of cactus blocks, and enough fuel, you are ready to turn green.

  1. Open a furnace.
  2. Put fuel in fuel cells.
  3. Place the cactus in the melting block.
  4. When the process is complete, collect the green color.

green color in Minecraft

Color something green

The die process for different items is different but usually, you need to add one of the items with one color block in the craft table. For some things eg terracotta, you have to dye eight blocks at a time and for others, like wool, you can only dye one block at a time. The same color can be used for different things but the craft recipe will be different. For collars, all you have to do is keep the color and use the action instead / action action on the tamed animal.


The dying process is usually permanent. You can’t remove the color from things like wool or terracotta but you can always change the color of your cat or dog’s column color. If you are dying blocks for use in a large building, make sure you know what the color is like when added to everything else before you color it and you can’t remove color preview.

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