How to make paper in Minecraft

Paper is a very important, multi-purpose item in Minecraft. It is used for curing books that are necessary to make a magic record. You can deceive books and when used in a craft board, they allow users to apply different types of enchantments to items. In addition to books, paper is also used to map his craft, make a cartography board, and make fireworks.

Paper in Minecraft

Paper is found naturally in shipwrecks, forts and small towns. Small towns are the only common structure in Minecraft but it is more difficult to find forts and shipwrecks. The good news is, paper is very easy to craft. It is much better to make a craft paper yourself then go and look for it in chests.

Make paper in Minecraft

To make paper in Minecraft, you need;

  • Craft record
  • Sugarcane: 3

Getting sugar

Sugarcane occurs naturally in the world beyond in Minecraft. It’s common and all you have to do is ‘break’ sugar in your hand. Literally anything you can use to break a block can be used to break sugar canes.

Sugar is found near water. It may be by small lochs or by the sea. It breeds only on sand blocks. If you see water with no sand around it, you won’t find sugar there. There is a small chance that sugar will grow on soil but the chance is so small, you should only consider sand blocks and water sources when looking for sugar stalls.

Look for sand blocks around water, both inland and near the sea. The sugar comes in stalks. Each portion of the starch releases one sugar. A starch with 3-4 crumbs will give you 3-4 cans of sugar. The image below shows 2, 3, and four high sections stalks.

cane sugar minecraft

You can use one starch of sugar to grow more sugar. Put it in a sand block and it will grow. Once you have 3 sugars, you can craft paper.

Make paper in Minecraft

To make paper in Minecraft;

  1. Open the craft menu.
  2. Add one sugar in each cell of the middle layer.
  3. Collect paper.

Three pieces of sugar will give you 3 pieces of paper.

minecraft paper


Maps and enchantment boards are some of the most important things that players use in the game. Both need to pick up paper. If you want to add elegant blocks to your Minecraft home, you can create bookshelves that need re-paper for the books. Paper is also used to create flags that are other elegant blocks. Paper has been a part of Minecraft for years and is available on both the Java and Bedrock / Windows 10 versions of the app.

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