How to make stone bricks in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world where you can build anything you want. A lot of it is imaginary but you have a lot of different types of blocks to build a castle, windmill, fort, homes, cities, etc. Blocks, and using a combination of them, add detail and make you build a more realistic look.

stone brick minecraft

Stone bricks in Minecraft

Stone is one of the most common blocks in Minecraft. When mined with a pickaxe, you get cobblestone. You can smell cobblestone to get a stone, or you can let lava flow on the surface of water to make blocks out of it even though it’s hard to put in place. If you have a pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment, you can use it to mine stone directly. There is another block that was created using a stone called stone bricks.

Stone bricks in Minecraft are found in in-game structures and can be cured. If you want to mine a stone brick, you can use a pickaxe. That is not to say that stone bricks are much easier to make.

Make stone bricks in Minecraft

To make stone bricks you need;

  • Craft record
  • Stone (4 blocks of stone taking 4 stone bricks)

To get a stone;

  1. Collect cobblestone by breaking a stone you find underground.
  2. Collect coal as you mine for cobblestone.
  3. Open the furnace.
  4. Place the stone in the melting cell.
  5. Place the coal in the fuel cell (you can use any fuel of your choice).
  6. Gather the stone.

To make stone bricks;

  1. Open the crafting board.
  2. Place 4 stone blocks in a 4 × 4 grid.
  3. Assemble the stone bricks.


You can use stone bricks to build your foundation. They are strong but they have one unfortunate thing; they can be caught with silver fish. Stone and stone bricks have the same surface strength so stone bricks are mainly used for beauty. If you are building a castle, it is a good idea to use a block but make sure your blocks are not fed. Always craft instead of mining yourself instead of mining them from fortifications where silver fish tend to hide and block.


Stone bricks come in a number of variations; cracking / splitting, and coated moss or moss. Again, they are variable variations of stone brick. Silver fish are usually hidden by bricks and are not easy to move. If you don’t craft it, avoid the broken bricks too. The number of stone blocks used to make stone bricks is equal to the number of stone bricks you can get, however, is to get a stone by smelting cobblestone where you will use additional resources in the game.

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