How to resolve TsIGame.exo error on PUBG

PUBG for the desktop is available through Steam. When you install a game on Steam, all you have to do is click the download button. Steam takes care of everything needed to run the game, and this includes adding additional software eg, frames.

TsIGame.exo PUBG error

Fix TsIGame.exo error on PUBG

PUBG is an online game. To play the game, users have to select a nearby area, and they are added to games with up to 99 other players. After all, it’s a fight to the end. It may take a while for a game to be found but the wait does not extend to more than a minute.

If you launch PUBG and get a TsIGame.exo error, you are basically blocked from playing the game. In most cases, your game will crash. In some, it may continue to run but you will not be able to join a game. Similarly, you can not play. Here’s how to configure it.

Look at memory usage

TsIGame.exo error on PUBG may be caused by low memory. The memory requirement of the game for the PC version is quite high at 8GB on the lower end and 16GB on the higher / best performance end. If you do not have a PC built specifically for a game, even if it is a few years old, you are likely to have memory problems.

To fix this, try the following.

  • Remove all unnecessary apps running on your system, especially if Chrome is one of them. Make sure the browser is not set to continue running in the background.
  • Do not use apps like OBS to record a game; they consume memory and game screen recording is a graphics intensive process.
  • Build Game Mode on Windows 10. It can help or block games. Open the Settings app and go to Gaming. Select the Game mode button, and pick up the mode state; turn it off if it is on, or turn it off if it is off.
  • Open Task Manager and sort the items on the Processes tab by the Memory column. Leave everything you don’t need to use while playing.
  • Disable other replay apps eg Discord, Nvidia Shadowplay etc.

Verify file integrity

Problems with Steam games can often be solved by verifying the files, and making sure there is nothing wrong with them.

  1. Steam Open.
  2. Go to your library.
  3. Right-click PUBG and select Properties from the context menu.
  4. Go to the Local Files tab.
  5. Click Verify the integrity of game files.
  6. Let Steam explore and fix problems with the game files.

Reset Microsoft Visual C ++ Redesigned Package

The Microsoft Visual C ++ Redesigned Pack is an essential library that most Windows applications need to run. Problems with TsIGame.exo error can cause PUBG. Install and reset the library.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Go to Programs> Install Program.
  3. Select Microsoft Visual C ++ from the program list and click the Uninstall button.
  4. Download Microsoft Visual C ++ Redesigned Package from Microsoft and install it again.


The desktop version of PUBG is actually not played on low PCs or laptops. You can scratch with a low system but you will end up having problems. There would be a Lite version of the PUBG app for the desktop but it has been discontinued. If your PC does not have the hardware to play the game, you can use the official Android emulator from Tencent and play the mobile version of the game instead.

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