How To Sell Google Play Gift Cards in Nigeria

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Google Play Store was launched in 2012 by Google. This was a product they created to be a digital marketplace where every device running on the Android operating system can download various digital resources such as movies, books, magazines, apps, etc. . Google Play gift card is another payment method that is a way to buy all paid products on the platform.

Google play gift card comes in two forms – physical codes and E.

Google Play Gift Card Forms

1. Google Play Corporate Gift Cards: these are paper or plastic Google playing cards that look and feel and are usually sold at retail stores. These digital assets can also be purchased online and delivered to you

2. Google Play Email Codes: these come in digital form. They can only be purchased online and sent to you via email.

There are many benefits to owning this digital asset and these include:

Google Play Gift Card Benefits

1. Google Play Gift Cards are effective: With millions of applications on the platform, this digital asset allows your shopping experience to be seamless and easy to find.

2. There is no expiration date: It is almost impossible to suffer from bankruptcy with this digital asset. Since they don’t expire, you have time to pay for the applications you want and download them carefully.

3. Google Play Gifts have a very good resale rate: One of the main factors that makes this gift card unique in Nigeria is its resale value. Google gaming gift cards regardless of currency or format generally have good resale value when sold on the right platform.

Where to sell Google Play gift cards in Nigeria

The number of places where this digital asset can be resold in the country is countless. More people are open to receiving payments and collecting gift cards in general because they know that there is a growing market for it in Nigeria. Now it won’t take too long to find out where this digital asset can be resold unlike in previous years. However, there are disadvantages to having multiple service providers in the market.

What are the Disadvantages of the Gift Card Market in Nigeria?

1. Greedy platforms: Some companies operate without the intention of their customers in mind. They tend to put very unfriendly rates on gift cards. Allowing consumers to get a lower value for their gift cards but higher profits on the end.

2. Gift card issuers: This is a popular name given to individuals and businesses in the gift card market. They have different ways of ripping off gift card owners of their digital assets.

3. Customer Service: All gift card merchants are entitled to a platform with quality customer support team. Unfortunately this is not the case for many traders. Users complain about little response from some platforms, inconsistent feedback from the team, rude staff, etc.

4. Mixing: Some other problems include platforms with slow payments, complex transaction interfaces, constant downtime on the application, etc.

What is a Solution?

Amidst the chaos, there is one particular platform that stands out. They solve all the issues mentioned before and more. The answer is Cardtonic. This is today gift card transaction application which allows everyone who needs cash for their gift cards and businesses who need discounted gift cards to seamlessly fulfill their needs on their platform.

How to sell Google Play gift cards on Cardtonic

It is easy sell your Google play gift card on Cardtonic. With 4 quick steps, you can turn your Google play gift card into cash.

1. Downloading the Application: The Cardtonic application is available for download on both the iOS and Google Play stores.

2. Registration: This process involves entering relevant transaction details into the application to start your transaction experience. Such as; full name, account number, email address, etc

3. Trade: People have said that trading on the application is easier than boiling water. All you have to do is fill in the category, subcategory, quantity and upload the images of your gift cards to trade on the platform.

4. Withdrawal: Once a trade has been successfully made, you can request an immediate withdrawal. Click on the withdraw icon, enter your password and get paid within minutes.