How to stream NFL playoffs [2021 season]

The NFL Playoffs for 2021 begin in early 2022. While the games are still a televised event, there are options to watch them online. That said, the games cannot be streamed on Hulu or Netflix. Instead, you can find other streaming company-related streaming options if you want to watch online.

NFL Stream Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs are affiliated with broadcast partners that are all cable-based networks. All of these networks have online streaming solutions but they are not free. Just as you need a Hulu subscription to view a show on the network, you also need a subscription to the individual service if you want to stream NFL Playoffs online.

Peacock by NBC

NBC streams NFL playoffs through a Peacock online streaming service. The free membership plan does not give users access to live streams so you need to purchase a subscription that costs $ 4.99 or $ 9.99 per month.

If you want to stream the NFL playoffs outside of the United States, you can use your Sky or Now subscriptions on the Peacock website.


DirectTV is one of the most expensive options for streaming the NFL playoffs. You, again, need to purchase a subscription and the cheapest subscription that offers a stream of live sporting events costs $ 69.99 per month. The good news is that you can stream on your mobile phone too and you are not limited to desktop.

Redzone – Streaming service add-on

If you want to watch the NFL playoffs on Hulu or YouTube, you can purchase an additional add-0n subscription for it. This will be in addition to your regular Hulu or YouTube subscription. It’s called the add-on Redzone and comes courtesy of DirectTV. Other platforms you can get are Redzone;

  • Sling
  • Fubo
  • Dish
  • Xfinity
  • Fios (Verizon)

The cost for a monthly subscription is $ 9.99 (in addition to your regular membership price).

The NFL app

The NFL has an official app for both iOS and Android however, it will not allow you to stream the NFL Playoffs. It is considered a staple substance, and a prohibitive substance. The app does not offer an in-app membership portal that you can use to sign in eg, a Hulu account that has the Redzone add-on. You can disable season events in the app but the playoffs are not included.


The NFL Playoffs are cheaper to stream if you get Fox or ESPN with your cable subscription. For online streaming, you need to purchase a separate subscription. The good news is, if you are only interested in a particular sport, you may only need to purchase a subscription for a few months when games go on.

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