How to tame a fox in Minecraft

Minecraft mobs, friendly or hostile, almost all give players items to heal. If you get these items you may need an abusive tool eg a pair of scissors to shear sheep and get wool for carpets and bedding or you may need violence ie, kill a cow if you feel like you have a steak for dinner.

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Tame fox in Minecraft

Fox are the friendly moves that have recently been added to Minecraft and are coming in Red and White variations. They start out tolerant ie, they do not attack a player but can be named. They carry things and let them go if you kill a fox though, it is better to kill a fox than to kill it.

How to catch a fox in Minecraft

‘Taming’ a fox is not the same as annoying an ocelot or a wolf. He will not be a pet though, he will start to trust you. To tame a fox ie, gain trust in it, you need to find one who is a baby.

A baby fox is rare so your best chance at tamed fox is to encourage two foxes to breed. This is difficult because players are tired of foxes and tend to be fast (like ocelots).

To encourage breeding, you need sweet berries. Sweet lizard is found in the biig taiga in the form of a bush. Break a bush and you can get sweet berries from it. The sweet lizard bush will harm a player if they walk into it and that is an easy way to identify.

Breeding a baby fox

To breed a baby fox, get as many sweet berries as you can. A fox is found in the biome taiga so you don’t have to go far to find the berries and the fox.

  1. Find at least 2 foxes.
  2. The fox should be close together.
  3. Feed the sweet fox berries (right click / activate action).
  4. Continue feeding the fox until you see hearts appear.
  5. The fox will breed and you will get a baby fox.
  6. The baby fox will tame.

Weaning the baby fox

The fox wants to stay with his parents or another fox. You can prevent this by using one of two methods; you can Bambi the parents of the baby fox and all other foxes nearby, or you can put the baby fox on a leash ie lead.

The lead method is far more humane. To create a direction, you need;

  • String: 4
  • Slimeball: 1

String is obtained by: breaking cobwebs. Cobwebs are found in mineshafts.

A slime ball is obtained by: Killing the slime mob.

Curing lead

To lead trades;

  1. Open the crafting board.
  2. Place one string in the first cell of the first and second rows.
  3. Place one string in the second cell of the first row.
  4. Place one string in the last cell of the third row.
  5. Place the slime ball in the middle cell ie the second cell in the second row.
  6. Lead will be cured.

Put lead around a baby fox

To put the lead around a baby fox;

  1. Select the lead until you ‘hold’ it.
  2. Right click / act on baby fox.
  3. Walk away with your baby fox and wait for it to grow.
  4. Feed the fox regularly.


You are now a fox parent. A fox can pick things up, it will attack chickens, fish, rabbits and baby turtles. A baby fox can’t swim. They sleep if it is dark. A tamed fox attacks zombies, skeletons, parasites, spiders and finishers.

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