How to use Smite in Minecraft

Fighting mobs is a big part of Minecraft if you decide to eventually arrive. It involves collecting all sorts of resources, many of which come from mobs that are hard to kill. Players can use different levels of weapons to defeat mobs and can use enchantments to make the best weapons more effective.

Smite in Minecraft

Smite is a magic in Minecraft that can be applied to weapons. In particular, it can relate to a sword or an ax. Other weapons eg crossbow and bow and arrow cannot be animated by Smite.

Smite will do more damage when weapons with the logo are used to hit an ‘undead’ nugget (all variations of Zombies, Skeletons, and Phantom).

To introduce a weapon, you have to;

  • Enchantment record
  • The weapon you enchant
  • 3 Lazuli Lapis (found by underground mining at level 32)

Enchantment record

The hardest thing to get for is cultivating a magic record diamonds. You need mining for them and you must use a higher iron or pickaxe. Diamonds are found below the level of 16 Y.

Obsidian is easy to craft: pour a bucket of water on a store lava block. The hard part is breaking the block once you have it. You need a diamond pickaxe for the job. In total, you need 5 diamonds (3 for the ax, and 2 for the board).

To craft a book, you need three papers and one leather skin. To get paper, you need cane sugar (occurs naturally). To get leather, you have to kill a cow, a horse, a donkey, a mule or a llamas. Cattle are more likely to shed hides and are usually found.

Craft the book by placing one paper in the first cell of the second row, one paper in the second cell of the second row, and one paper in the first cell of the last row in the craft table. Place the leather hide in the second cell of the third row. Collect the book.

Gu crafts the enchantment table:

  1. Place the book in the second cell of the first row.
  2. Place diamonds in the first and last cell of the second row.
  3. Place an obsidian block in the second cell of the second row.
  4. Place an obsidian block in each cell of the third row.
  5. Gather the enchantment record.

Deception magic

Now that you have the enchantment record, the weapon and the Lazuli Lapis, you can import the weapon.

  1. Put the Enchantment table.
  2. Click on the board.
  3. Place the weapon in the block on the left.
  4. Place 3 Lazuli Lapis in the block on the right.
  5. Go over the three enchantments that appear in the three rows.
  6. Select the Smite enchantment.
  7. Gather the weapons. He is not fascinated by Smite.

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