How to Use Steam Gift Card in Nigeria

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Steam was first released on September 12, 2003, with Valve Cooperation as the platform for releasing updates to its games; now it has grown to become the largest gaming platform in the world.

Steam is an online platform with over 30,000 games available for gamers. With over 100 million users, it is one of the leading gaming platforms in the world that allows its users to play, discuss, and create games. In short, it’s a gaming heaven for gamers.

What is a Steam gift card?

A Steam gift card It is a credit card that allows you to buy games, hardware, software and anything else available on Steam. It is an alternative to money.

Types of Steam Gift Cards

There are two types of Steam gift cards; corporate Steam gift card and digital steam gift card. The digital gift card is usually just a code, and the corporate gift card is a plastic card with the codes printed on the back of the card.

How to Buy a Digital Steam Gift Card?

The digital steam gift card is sold on the Steam website, and comes in $ 5, $ 10, $ 25, $ 50, and $ 100 names. Generally, when you purchase digital gift cards from other brands and companies, they will be sent to the recipient’s email address. However, to be able to give someone a digital gift card from Steam, they need to be your friends on Steam. This gift card automatically goes into their Steam wallet. Here are the steps you should take to purchase the digital gift card:

How to buy a digital gift card on Steam

1. Log in to the website

2. Choose the type of name you want to give your friend and add a note if you want.

3. Review and complete your purchase

How to buy a corporate gift card on Steam

Just like corporate gift cards from other well-known companies, Steam corporate gift cards are sold in several retail stores around the world and on the Steam website. These gift cards come in 20, 30, 50, and 100 dollar names. To make sure their gift cards are on sale in your area, visit their website. They have an extensive list of places where you can be sure to get Steam gift cards.

How to sell steam gift card in Nigeria?

Selling gift cards is a very easy way to make money these days. If, for example, you were given a Steam gift card that you do not need, you can always sell it on a gift card trading platform. However, you need to be careful not to send your gift cards to smugglers. An example of a popular online trading platform to Selling a gift card is a gift Cardtonach.

As well as being prestigious, they have the best gift card rates in Nigeria. To check their current rates, simply use their rate calculator available on their website. The levels of these gift cards often change, just as the cash levels change at different times of the day.


Steam gift cards have consistently been the top-rated gift cards in terms of conversion rate. It is important for you to be aware that physical and digital gift card rates are fluctuating, as the digital gift card has lower rates compared to the physical gift cards. However, by selling your Steam gift card you can always get extra cash.