How to write upside down letters

The internet does not follow a format; there is no aggregation for what font should be used, the size of the headers, or how many headers should be present on a website. Most websites follow a sensible design but each website is different from the other. With forums and chat groups / apps, more or less meaningful writing pops out the window and you often come across style text.

Text upstairs

Write letters upside down

You’ve seen bold text, lined text, italics, and text that has been dropped or tapped. There is also upside-down text. Unlike bold, underline, italics, or punctuated through text that gives meaning when in a document or message, upside-down letters are just for fun. Here’s how to write them.

1. Use Unicode characters

Every character you map to a unicode character code. With the alphabet, you have special keys on the keyboard to make it easier to type but for obscure characters like the trademark or the copyright symbol, you may need to disable character codes. The same is true for upside-down text.

Technically, there are no upside-down alphabetical characters you can type so what you should look for instead is the unicode character code for a character that looks like an upside-down alphabet. If you want to type upside down, use:

ɐ: U+0250

You can look up the unicode character for an upside-down letter Upside-Down Unicode Conversion. Once you know which character to use, you can look up its character code.

2. Use aut0-generation tools

It is difficult to type letters upside down using unicode characters. If you need to make a quick, clever idea in text upside down, it’s best to use a self-generating tool for the job.

  1. Visit the Text tool upstairs.
  2. Enter the text.
  3. Leave the impact check boxes back up.
  4. Copy and paste the text.
¡¡ssɐd ʇou llɐɥs no⅄


The self-generating tool works on the same principle ie it used Unicode character codes. The characters you see are not pasted over letters. They are different characters (take a closer look at the letter L in the example and see what we mean. The letter is in the wrong way. You can try other text generation tools and they may be able to find characters are better but usually work on the same principle.You cannot search this text using the normal alphabet on the keyboard.We strongly recommend that you do not ‘use of upside-down text in a professional / academic document.

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